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Because the sun heats up the earth, causing differing air pressures, creating wind, rain, and all other forms of weather.
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What is weather?

Weather is how nature manifests its atmospheric conditions in our surroundings. A good example is rain, or a very windy day. In many cases it can be more violent like hurrican

What is HoneyComb Weathering?

  honeycomb weathering is a type of weathering which affects rocks in many different environments where there is a high level of salinty, often on rock walls near the beac

Why do they call weather weather?

There are a number of continental words of similar spelling and pronunciation. Old English was 'weder', Old Dutch was 'weder' and German 'wedar'. Old Norse was 'vethr'. The wo

What is weathering?

the natural process by which atmospheric and eviromental agents  ,such as wind,rain, and decomposite rocks    "Weathering" (proper spelling) is the breaking down of natu

What are the weathers you have?

Sunny, Mostly Sunny, Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Mostly Cloudy, Cloudy, Breezy, Windy, Gusty, Fog, Showers, Rain Showers, Rain, Drizzle, Light Rain, Moderate Rain,

How do weather forecasts act on weather?

They don't, a forecast is a prediction based on history of a  simulated model. The weather doesnt always follow predictions

Why is there weather?

Basically, the sun heats the earth and its atmosphere causing differences in air temperature. The warm air rises from the equator and travels towards the poles.

What is the definition of weather?

Weather is the physical atmospheric phenomena associated with air masses and their interactions. It includes the condition and motion of these masses, including the temperatur

What dreadful weather or what a dreadful weather?

People usually say What dreadful weather! Never What a dreadful weather! If that's what your question was... Hope that helped! :)

How is sandstone weathered?

You wear away sandstone by years of contact with moving water.
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What are examples of weathering?

Acidic rainfall dissolution of limestone (chemical weathering), exfoliation caused by onion skin weathering in granite, frost wedging in rock fissures and cracks, oxidation of

How do weather maps help weather forecasters predict weather?

Weather maps help predict weather because weather systems are under  the influence of prevailing winds and jet streams. For example "Nor  easters" come from the south west a

How do weather observations predict weather?

Modern meteorologists use the numerical weather prediction method.  This method uses mathematical simulations of the earth to predict  the weather. A number of simulations a