Why do women become prostitutes?

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Reasons why women are in prostitution;

- there are no jobs they are qualified for and they have a family to support. Often the case in poor countries.

- they are forced to do it as in trafficking.

- Some have been abused and sex is the way they find validation. The only way to be able to deal with their past as abused children, they relive it.

- they need money for an addiction. At the same time is the prostitution something they need drugs to be able to handle so it becomes a vicious circle.

- they enjoy sex.

- it's nothing more than a job where you can control working hours, payment etc. In countries like Germany where it's legal and the Netherlands they have a union.

Because they view themselves as rental properties. They think that it makes them more special and expensive. When actually men pay simply for the convenience,because of its availability and because they're easy to use for sex.


Psycological issues, poor parenting, were sexually abused. The source as of all bad things is the devil.
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What is A Prostitute?

Someone who is paid for sexual intercourse, usually a female, although there are male prostitutes..

Prostitution of Women during Vietnam?

According to US military WWII veterans who fought in Vietnam; prostitution was just as common in WWII, Korean & Vietnam Wars. According to history books, the American Civil War (aka US Civil War) was just as common, having women prostitutes.

Can women become men?

Yes almost completely. By adding male hormones the body will change and removing the breasts. The final operation is making the male genitalia. That will never be exactly as a male though.

What causes women to become indicisive?

It's not really limited to women. People become indecisive all the time regardless of gender. Typically this may be chalked up to changes in hormones, changes in blood pressure (leading to confusion), lack of experience under pressure or any of a million other variables; none of which are technica (MORE)

Why do women prostitute?

I think there are two main reasons. Some women get forced into the life by pimps. For others, it's an seemingly easy way to make money fast. The majority of prostitutes in the US prostitute themselves to pay for drugs. Just for reference though, there are male prostitutes also. Answer Poor up (MORE)

Why women become mistresses?

ANSWER: Good question, but I don't think all women becomes a mistress. For those who do, this are women that's looking for more loving and mature man who have more experience when it comes to respecting them. I think woman who stayed and willing to become the mistress of a married man is afraid to (MORE)

Do women enjoy prostitution?

I don't think most women love prostitution, but i do think it appeals far more to women than men as a profession for several reasons. 1. They get money that is fairly easily eared, meaning all they have to do is get naked and allow a guy to do rent their body for a limited time, which does not req (MORE)

What is prostitution?

Prostitution is the exchange of sex acts for payment. The payment for these acts is most commonly money or drugs. Prostitution is illegal in most places, and is a common way for children to be exploited. A prostitute can be a male or a female. They are often subjected to physical abuse from both the (MORE)

Why do some women become lesbians?

People don't become straight, gay, bi or lesbians, they are born that way. Then there are plenty of people who likes to experiment or discover that they are bi.

When did women become people?

Depends on which country, state (or province), and city. In some, women still aren't considered people. In America, it was around 1920, and Canada was around the same time. I'm not sure when it happened over the seas in places like Britain and Italy, but I hope this helps.

Why don't women become bald?

Because they dont think there beautiful without hair. But some girls do go bold for charity and illness. Hope this helps. x

How did women become goddesses?

Usually next in line to be heir to the throne or they were married by a king,became very popular and then achieved ultimate power.

Why do women choose to become prostitutes?

Many women through out the world have to become prostitutes to help themselves and others in their family. Sometimes the women are kidnapped and are forced into this but never ever do they do prostitution to fill in their addiction.

Why do you have prostitutes?

^^**Some ppl don't have the personality, or the looks to attact a male/ female... and they turn to prostitutes for sexual intercourse. And prostitutes are there because they think they are needed and that's how they make there money. When men or women shouldn't turn to prostitutes ever because you n (MORE)

How to become irresistible to women?

There's no way to be irresistable! That's just in movies. You have to go "the old fashioned way" and talk to them. WOAH, right? If you want a reliable and all around "good" relationship partner you should get to know them and they will like you or not depending on your personality. That's the whol (MORE)

Can women become electricians?

Yes, women can become electricians. The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee does not discriminate in accepting apprentices for training and has successfully trained many women. If you can meeting the minimum qualifications you will be given an interview for selection.

Can women become Christian priests?

in some religions no it kind of matters in the church or religion, i want to become a minster to, in my religion or Church you can. Ask your pastor.

Can men become prostitutes. how?

Men who sell sex are called gigolo. You must find a pimp or advertise yourself personally which is risky though.\n\n. Prostitution (for either men or women) is a very risky job, because of the chance of catching a dangerous disease (including AIDS). Also, it is illegal in some juristictions (for ex (MORE)

How did women sports become popular?

Women's soccer leagues, Triathlons, Marathons, Skiing, are among the many sports available to women, Ice hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the World, Due to the many athletic clubs, social clubs and country clubs, there has been a dynamic and continuing growth of women's sports since th (MORE)

Why can't women become a president?

They can. Until recently everything has been controlled by white men. Women couldn't vote until 1920 and it has taken another 60-80 years to have women elected to any office .

Can women become Marine Snipers?

No, its a biological fact that females do not have as much physical strength as males. Its called testosterone, it keeps females from competing with men, and until females can compete with men (aka never), they cannot be put into combat arms. ^-- They only can't do this because it's a rule to mili (MORE)

When women can become pregnant?

There is a small window each month where a woman can become pregnant. It's normally around the 14th day of your cycle and only lasts 24 to 48 hours. However every woman's cycle is different and you should learn to chart your cycle using body temperature and cervical mucus.

Why do men become womenizer?

they are insecure with one women because of the thought of giving your all to someone with the chance of them leaving. problem men face, learn to be confident and let things fall into place

How did women become witches?

All women are not witches, nor are all witches women. The word witch is a non-gender specific word, meaning both male and female practitioners of the Craft are called witches. To become a witch, or practitioner of the Craft is very simple and very complex. Like all spiritual paths a person usu (MORE)

What education do you have to have to become a police women?

People who wants to be a policeman or a policewoman needs to graduate from police college which is about more than a year I think and you'll have to wake up every morning at about 6a.m. You have to have a high school diploma or GED. If you have a college degree they pay you more money.

Can a married women become nun?

NO. A interesting sidelight is that under certain conditions ( that she have no dependent children, for example) a Widow could become a Nun ( many did in the dark ages, some even founding convents and orders! ( Ste. Jeanne Francoise du Chantal, for example. She is called St. Jane to avoid confusion (MORE)

Can a women become a nymphomaniac?

Yes, as can a man. Hypersexuality is extremely frequent orsuddenly increased sexual urges or sexual activity. Althoughhypersexuality can be caused by some medical conditions ormedications, in most cases the cause is unknown. Mental healthproblems such as borderline personality disorder can give ri (MORE)

Why do some people become prostitutes?

There are many reasons for prostitution. . Runaways that do not know they have places to turn are easily victimized . People hooked on drugs become desperate for income . Some people are in very tough situations, and it is a way to get money to feed themselves or their families . Although the (MORE)

Do whores prostitutes practice safer sex than sluts promiscuous women?

Depending on how "high class" they are if I'm allowed to use that term to describe prostitutes they will practice safer sex so that they continue to get customers. Having an STD would cause business lose. As for sluts and promiscuous women they really don't care because they're sex addicts.

Why does women become vegetarians?

Because they don't want to eat meat. It is there opinion to think eating animals is wrong. This is a correct answer, but also some women do it to try to be "healthy." Do not believe that this will make you healthy all vegetarians or would be vegetarians! It is not healthier! If you want to do it, (MORE)

How do you become a women in runescape?

Either 1) you start your account as a woman, or 2) you change your gender by talking to the make-over mage. He/she is located in a house southwest (and outside) of Falador.

Where are there prostitutes?

Prostitution is legal in several countries, among these are Holland and Denmark. You will find prostitutes in other countries illegally. Usually on dark street corners in big cities.

Why can't women become a pope?

The Pope is the spiritual father of the Christian Church and the Bishop of the diocese of Rome. Our Blessed Lord only chose men to serve as priests, and as the Bishop of Rome must first be a priest, then the job is only open to men. Also, the Holy Father is the Vicar of Christ. Christ is a man, H (MORE)

How does a Jewish boy become a women?

The process is primarily one of physiology and surgery. As such, itwould be the same for a boy of any religion. If the question intends to ask "How does a Jewish boy become aman?" please see the Related Question below.

How do women become the monarch in England?

The eldest son of the reigning monarch becomes king when the monarch dies. If the reigning monarch has no sons, then his eldest daughter becomes queen. However, the law has just been changed so that the eldest child of the reigning monarch becomes the new monarch on the death of the parent regardles (MORE)