Why do you crave cucumbers?

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Why do you crave ice?

Answer . My wife used to eat all the ice after finishing a glass of tea or soda. Then she was diagnosed with severe anemia. After taking iron supplements, she stopped eating ice. We never made the connection until several years later when we heard that a craving for ice was a symptom of an iro (MORE)

When do you start craving?

Answer . It's entirely individual. Some never do.\n. \nAs common as a craving is disliking something. Both pregnancies I went off coffee, second time I went off chocolate in all its forms as well.

What is common cravings?

Answer . Food craving & food adversions are the common cravings. There is too many to list here. But basically when you're pregnant, anything goes! Food you used to hate you may now crave or food you once loved may make you feel sick.

Why do you crave chocolate?

Answer Chocolate intake has been linked with release of serotonin in the brain, which produces feelings of pleasure. Part of the pleasure of eating chocolate is due to the fact that its melting point is slightly below human body temperature: it melts in the mouth. I'm just gonna put this out t (MORE)

What is a cucumber?

The cucumber is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd familyCucurbitaceae. It is a creeping vine which bears cylindrical ediblefruit when ripe. The main varieties are used for slicing andpickling. One is burpless. They can be used fresh, cooked orpickled. It is technically a fruit but from the cul (MORE)

Why do people get cravings?

Cravings are another way our body protects itself. Pregnant woman, not pregnant, men and women all the same get cravings. Just pregnant woman stronger because of the other being inside them. When your hungry you can eat just about anything, when your craving you have to have that one something you c (MORE)

Why do you crave corn?

In brief, corn has two noticeable elements you may really want: 1. Plant fiber (it moves through your digestive system and helps to move other stuff along) that you do not digest, but is not harmful; and 2. enzymes (and oils you use to cook corn in) that your pancreas likes. In short, your body brea (MORE)

Why do you crave onions?

Do you crave onions, garlic, cabbage or broccoli? . You may have a sluggish or overloaded liver. These foods contain high levels of sulfur, which help improve liver function. A sluggish liver cannot work properly to help break down toxins or keep hormones in balance. Toxins can accumulate from eith (MORE)

Why do you have a pickle craving?

it is actually not the pickle you crave, but the vinegar the cucumber is pickled in. This happens a lot to people, especially girls who are on or near their periods. People have cravings for vinegar because it contains a lot of very healthy vitamins that your body may not be getting anywhere else. I (MORE)

Why do you crave sugar?

Someone probably will crave sugar when they are on a diet or haven't eaten something sweet for a while. If you haven't you should have something with sugars in it so it satisfys your craving, or it will get worse.

What are cravings?

A kind of longing, usually used in terms of food. For example, 'It's so hot! I'm really starting to crave ice cream' is one thing you could use the word craving for.

Why do you crave lemon?

You crave lemons because your body is lacking in magnesium. Trysnacking on some raw nuts and seeds, legumes, or fruits. Hope thishelps :)

What cravings do men have?

\nThey have at least three. they are sex, sex and more sex. Some grave a little alcohol and then just more sex.

If you are craving sugar what do you do?

I have a huge sweet tooth and crave sugar throughout the day. But I've been told by health professionals that sugar is not good for our bodies and that I should decrease my intake. Usually if you're craving sugar it means you are not getting enough protein in your diet. I was told to eat more snacks (MORE)

Why are you craving protein?

If you have been exercising, your body requires protein to rebuild muscle. Muscle is torn down (or shredded) during exercise. Also, some people crave protein when they actually need more fat in the diet. A low-fat diet is bad for your health. Fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin D need (MORE)

Why do you crave salt?

The recommended daily intake of sodium chloride is now 2,5-5 g; craving salt is an eating disorder.

Why are you craving chocolate?

If your craving chocolate it usually means it is what your thinking about it. You could be hungry and just want a treat to eat.

What rhymes with crave?

rave, brave, grave, wave, waive, cave, knave, nave, save, pave, gave, shave, stave, slave, they've, behave, engrave, forgave, aftershave, microwave, misbehave, . behave . brave . cave . clave . concave . conclave . crave . deprave . enclave . engrave . enslave (MORE)

Why are you craving salt?

Humans naturally crave salt to some extent, because we need a certain amount of it to survive. So, if you're craving it, in means your salt levels are probably low. By the same token, a craving for salt can point to some other nutrient deficiency.

Why do you crave protein?

Your body craves what it needs most. You may be iron deficient. This is your body's way of getting what it needs. You may just have a body that needs more protein than "normal". You should talk to your doctor if you feel it is really out of control. If you are female, you need more protein around th (MORE)

Do you have cravings?

Yes, everyone have cravings. You can't get rid of ALL your cravings. But you can get rid of all the unneccessary/bad ones, such as cravings for sweets, money, power, revenge etc. Buddhists have a goal to get rid of all these cravings.. just to add, you don't have to get rid of cravings, you just ne (MORE)

Why crave lemons?

Lemons are craved because of the citric acid in them. The sourly taste makes you want more. But if you are not a big fan of sour foods then you do not crave them. Hope I helped!!!

What is crave?

crave |krāv| verb [ trans. ] feel a powerful desire for (something) : a program to give the infants the human touch they crave. • dated beg for (something) : I must crave your indulgence. DERIVATIVES craver |ˈkreɪvər| noun ORIGIN Old English crafian (in the sense [demand, claim as a (MORE)

Why do you crave garlic?

I have done a lot of research to find out why I can't get enough garlic. I eat so much of it that I can no longer smell it or taste it without a large quantity. My Husband tells me I smell like a pickle and yet I still can't get enough. Throughout my research I have found that garlic does a lot of (MORE)

Why do you crave milk?

I crave milk because is a rich source of protein, sugar and fat. It is delicious and my body recognizes that it is nutritious.

How do you prevent cravings?

The key isn't to prevent the craving (it's just a biological part of being human), but to satisfy it without piling on the calories. Try eating a small portion of a sweet cereal, or something else high in carbs, like pretzels, then wait about 10-15 minutes. By doing this, you will feel satisfied f (MORE)

Why do I crave bread?

I found a link that might explain why you crave bread...It's in someone's blog...But I'm not entirely sure if it's true. You can check it out and do more research if you want, unless the post is sufficient enough to explain what you're wondering.\n. \nhttp://essentialhealthnuggets.blogspot.com/2009 (MORE)

What is the meaning of cravings?

Cravings is when you really, really want to eat something. During pregnancy, this is sometimes something weird, like ice cream sprinkled with cheese. For other people, this could just be something like bread or fruit. Even if you are not pregnant, you can still get cravings. There is evidence to sug (MORE)

Why you crave sugar?

Because it is sweet and addicting. If you do not believe me have 1 hole day of eating nothing but sugar and the next day you will want more or unless you get sick try again. (But do not do it a lot that is a way most because Americans get fat) I have a different take on this. We crave sugar when (MORE)

Why are you craving pickles?

Sometimes before menstrul cycles every month or pregnancy women get weird cravings for salty or sweet foods, or pickles. It's common

Why do you crave peanuts?

nuts are a very good source of niacin, vitamin e, and folate. basically it's loaded with monounsaturated fats, excellent source to help with heart desease OK great I now know what is good about them, but why am I craving them. What could be wrong if I need them so much.

Why do you crave jalapenos?

Check the nutritional value of jalapeños..they contain allot ofvitiman c and potassium. Along with many other vitamins minerals.Maybe, the craving you are having might be for the vitamins etc.?Hope this helps. :)

Is a craving an addiction?

Most people who use drugs or alcohol casually, don't have cravings. If you are beginning to think you may have a problem, you are probably on that path. Some people who aren't addicts or alcoholics can stop using at the first sign of problems associated with chemicals. They say they aren't going to (MORE)

What can you do with cucumbers?

you can pickle them or eat them raw, stick them in a salad, use them in stir fry, if you have chickens, they work well as a little snack!

Why crave aspirins?

You could crave aspirins because you may have taken them too many times, and your body has become addicted to the relief it brings.

Can you grow a cucumber from a cucumber seed?

Yes, but the seeds found in supermarket cucumbers are immature(otherwise cucumbers would be full of chewy seeds). Immature seedswill not grow, but cucumber seeds are sold (fully mature) in manygarden centers and home improvement stores.

What month does cucumbers grow cucumber?

Cucumbers are warm-season vegetable that will grow in any amount of space thanks to its ability to climb and the month in which cucumber grows are may mid- to late June.

How do you stop a craving?

You stop a craving by putting a rubber band on your wrist and you let it hit your self it worked for me just do it till you think you will stop

Why do you get food cravings?

Food cravings happen because your body needs a nutrient it is not receiving. For example: 1. You crave chocolate. Your body needs magnesium. Eat foods like fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. 2. You crave sugary foods. Your body needs chromium, phosphorus and carbon. Eat fruits, broccoli, spinach (MORE)

Why do you crave potatoes?

It is likely that there is some mineral or nutrient in potatoes that your body doesn't have enough of . . . your brain senses this and causes the craving. Sailors in submarines during World War 2 had similar cravings, but for foods that were fresh and could not be taken on a submarine patrol. (MORE)

How do you crave pumpkin?

The word "crave" means to desire something intensely. You cravepumpkins by longing for them, either as food or decoration.

How do i stop craving-?

The best way to stop craving a certain food is to go ahead and eatthe food. If you don't have the food avaible, take a nap, read abook, or eat something else.