Why do you get houseflies in the house?

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[1] House flies like moisture, organic matter, and warmth. They get into houses, by way of cracks and improperly fitted openings such as doors, screens, and windows. [2] They're particularly attracted to waste containers that hold kitchen scraps. These containers may not be tightly lidded, and may not be emptied daily into an outside container. So they're a choice environment for laying eggs. When the eggs hatch, the resulting larvae have a ready food supply. Under the best conditions, the time from egg to adult fly can be seven days.
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What are the dangers of having houseflies in your house?

For one house flies are the most dangerous of all animals because they land on animal wastes and other harmful materials. I suggest that you get rid of them. ANSWER Ho

How does a housefly breathe?

Houseflies breathe through a complicated structure of tubes (called tracheae and tracheoles) and air sacs. Oxygen is pulled into the body through openings in their abdomens c

Do houseflies have backbones?

Since flies are insects, they do not have a backbone. They have anexoskeleton instead which is only on the outside.

What attracts houseflies?

Meat (either raw or cooked) will attract houseflies fairly quickly. And corn on the cob that has had the corn eaten off it is an excellent bait for the housefly.
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What are the characterstics of housefly?

The common housefly is smaller than a dime, it has 2 wings and if veiwed through a microscope it has little prickly hairs all over it, they are nasty and they will get on your
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What are houseflies?

The most common of all flies. They have a life cycle of 4 - 6 weeks and feed off rotting food and garbage.