Why do you give Christmas presents to each other?

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We do this to represent the three kings giving presents of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to Jesus when he was born.
We also do this to show other people that they are special to us.
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Why do you give presents to each other at Christmas?

Some reasons presents are given at Christmas are: . We give gifts as a symbolic gesture of remembering the gifts that were given to Jesus by the Magi as well as in thanks to God for the gift of Jesus. More importantly, God gave His only son (Jesus Christ) so that we can live with Him in heaven som (MORE)

Why do people give presents on Christmas?

In the Christian religion, gifts are given on Christmas tocelebrate the biggest gift of all; God giving us His only son,Jesus. The giving of gifts are also based on the gifts of gold,frankincense and myrrh that were given to Jesus by the threemagi. I think we give gifts to show that we care for eac (MORE)

Why do people give presents at Christmas?

It is tradition that has been passed down through the ages that says that the three kings gave presents on the night of the birth of CHRIST. That is why we give presents at CHRISTmas

Who gives children presents at Christmas?

Usually it's your parents or other family members, while friends give you presents as well. However, the traditional gift-bringer in many westernised countries is "Santa Claus", known by different names, depending on the country. (See the related question.) Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Au (MORE)

How does Father Christmas give his presents?

Santa Claus isn't real but children are told by their parents that he comes down their chimney. If you don't have a chimney, your parents usually say he has a special key to get through the door. santa is real, usually if you say he is not then you will get a bag full of coal and a a cynical adult (MORE)

What do Finnish people give as Christmas presents?

Just think what people in France get for Christmas, and what people in America and Britain get for Christmas. Many things are very similar. Finland is no exception. The presents in Finland are exactly what presents are in all other countries around the world. They give Clothes, Jewelry, CD's, DVD (MORE)

What is the best present to give for Christmas?

The gift of "Love".. Every single person on the planet craves to be loved, not always in the "Boyfriend-Girlfriend" way, but to know some one cares for them enought to call it love. the way you could love you sister or your best friend. We can live with out most things in life but to live with out (MORE)

Why do people give and receive presents at Christmas?

It is hard to imagine celebrating Christmas in the modern world without thinking about giving gifts. But, have you ever thought to yourself, "Why do we give gifts at Christmas?" In some ways, the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas is a very ancient tradition. In other ways, giving gifts at Chris (MORE)

What is a good present to give to your boyfriend for Christmas?

It depends on what your boyfriend likes and/or how deep your relationship is with him. If he likes sports, you can buy him things such as jerseys of his favorite athletes, baseball cards basketball, football. If your relationship is deep with your boyfriend, you can consider things like roses, sw (MORE)

What is the best present to give to a preteen for Christmas?

Well, both girls and boys love music. So I would say an I-pod would be a great gift. An I-pod is a music player. You can buy songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts, you can even upload photos on to I-pods, They even have giftcards. If you have a per-teen girl, IM-ME is great. It is by Girltech. You can I (MORE)

In Italy who gives out presents at Christmas?

basically the same principle: friend, parents, family, aquaintances ,people you care about they give each other gifts, sort of to show how they care about the person or how special they think the person is or they do it just to be nice and giving :)

What is the best Christmas present to give a dog?

Naturally you want to give your best friend, the best gift. My preference is for green or eco friendly pet gifts. These can include organic clothing, organic dog grass for healthy eating, all natural and gourmet dog treats or gift baskets, a recycled collar, an organic cotton or hemp dog bed, eco fr (MORE)

What is the origin for giving presents at Christmas?

During this period, the nacimiento (Nativity scene) is quite prominent. What is involved in this? Well, in public areas as well as in churches and homes, scenes are set up with figures (large or small) made out of ceramic, wood, or clay. They represent Joseph and Mary kneeling before a manger that (MORE)

What event initiated giving presents on Christmas?

No single event prompted the custom of exchanging or giving gifts at Christmas, rather it evolved over time. In the Early Middle Ages, Christmas Day was overshadowed by Epiphany, which in the west focused on the visit of the magi. But the Medieval calendar was dominated by Christmas-related holida (MORE)

What should you give for Christmas presents?

It depends on the person. For younger children, toys and games would be nice. For adults, home gifts or specilty items would be nice. For virtually all ages, books, clothes, electronics, and movies are pretty good, too.

Why do Christian's give presents at Christmas?

To symbolise the three wise men giving Jesus his gifts. And to prove their love and loyalty for Jesus. Christmas is celebrating Jesus and showing friends and family how much you love and care about them.

Why do you give and receive presents at Christmas time?

- It's Just a Wayy To Show Or prove How Much You Reli Love aPerson by qiving him/her a gift and by thm doing the same back to you it show's love, appreceation , kindness , and also trust : )) & plus don't You Just love recieavingg gifts from other's not knowingg what you got because it's a suprise , (MORE)

What is the best Christmas present to give to your mum?

hey i really hope this helps bu the best answer is you could give your mum love or you could give her a necklace or ring with love on it or her name or even special mum and on the ring you could write u and your brothers and sisters name or if u have none and just write your one-name .Also you can't (MORE)

Who gives American people Christmas presents?

In the United States, in is traditional to give gifts to: . your immediate family . members of your household . some extended family . close friends Gifts are also sometimes given to: . coworkers . household staff / babysitters . acquaintances . whoever is on your mind that you would (MORE)

Does st.Nick give puppies for Christmas presents?

Yes,he does.But......BEHAVE GOOD!If you don't,he'll bring you coal or nothing at all.(And believe me,HE'S REAL)But you have to clean your room and make it neat.Then,you'll have to tell your parents that your responsible.they'll think about it.And so Santa will watch you.(By a huge snow globe I belie (MORE)

Can you give Christmas presents to a Muslim?

Yes, you can technically give a Muslim a Christmas present. However I would highly suggest that you do not directly call it a christmas present as this may offer some. Instead call it a holiday present (holiday from school/work etc) or a December present. This way, you lower the risk of offending so (MORE)

What sort of Christmas presents did they give Jesus?

The 3 Wise men from the East thought they were going to meet a great king and so they brought the most precious things they could think of. Frankincense is the dried sap from a tree in Arabia and it is expensive. Myrrh is also the dried sap of a tree in Arabia. Both of these have a very strong smell (MORE)

How do Germans give Christmas presents?

Type your answer here... We are German and we wrap gifts to be given to the giftee on either Christmas Eve or Day. In other words, t he same way every other person celebrating Christ's birth does -- why? Did you mean: is there a tradition for giving Christmas presents that is specifically conduci (MORE)

How do you get your parents to give your Christmas present early?

Hi there,im having the same problem. You see, I am going to the theatre on Thursday and then have a nonuniform day at school on Friday. I've got uggs for Christmas =, and am desperate to wear them. I've decided to try the " one time wont change the tea in china" and " if i know what im getting it wo (MORE)