Why do you have white eyelashes?

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I can't say why you have a white eyelash but in Chinese and some African tribal culture white eyelashes are believed to be good luck. They are also attached to their own blood vessel and this would attribute to its possible rapid growth in comparison to your other eyelashes. It shouldn't be plucked because it can cause damage to the eye. But the occassial trimming to keep it tame wont cause any harm. Just be careful to not stab yourself in the eye with the scissors.
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How can you separate your eyelashes?

Easy, use a mascara brush tester. (you can get free ones at cosmetic stores) Then, just like you would put on mascara brush gently through all your lashes. If you can not find one then use your fingers and separate them like that.

Why do you lose eyelashes?

Welcome 2 Wiki:) . You could be losing eyelashes for many reasons. First, you could be allergic to your eye make-up, or using too much of it, (especially mascara). *. Losing eyelashes is perfectly normal, and everybody loses eyelashes from time to time. Your eye lashes will grow back. If you (MORE)

Do eyelashes grow?

yes they do. but the only thing is guys have longer eyelashes than girls. don't know why but it's a fact. it's true.

How do you get longer eyelashes?

use a special mascara --- To grow eyelashes, most medical professionals would reference a combination of factors, including diet. There are products on the market that help grow eyelashes, with varying results. You might try an eyelash gel that is applied to the lid, to support healthy growth; (MORE)

Do your eyelashes grow?

Yes, of course eyelashes grow long because eyelashes are hair likeyour other hair in your body, but the area the eyelashes are formedthat area need to healthy and it need to have good proteindeveloped in there.

Can eyelashes be pink?

yeah you can get multicoloured ones on too, if you take them on holiday. then if you flutter your eyelashes you make a rainbow!

How can you grow your eyelashes?

Tips To Make Your Eyelashes Grow longer Naturally - You can apply vaseline to make your eyelashes grow. Its regular application before sleep can make them longer. You can apply them by using a small make up brush or even a toothbrush. You can gently spread them and apply vaseline on your eyelashes (MORE)

How do you grow eyelashes?

the best way to grow your eyelashes would be to put Vaseline on. for best results if you wear make up take all of it off with a soft or sensitive skin face wipe so then it wont be to strong on skin nor eyelashes. when your face is completely clean you will then need a eyelash comb , Vaseline, an (MORE)

Why do humans have eyelashes?

eyelashes protect the eyes by not allowing any foreign particle to enter into it eyelashes protect the eyes by not allowing any foreign particle to enter into it

Do frogs have eyelashes?

No, frogs do not have eyelashes. A frog does have eyelids. Theyhave both an upper and lower eyelid. The upper eyelid on the frogis a skin fold and the lower eyelid is a translucent membrane.

Why do camels have eyelashes?

To protect their eyes, the same as humans. however camels have 2 sets of eyelashes so that their eyes are properly protected during sand storms etc.

Do owls have eyelashes?

Some species do, some do not. The great horned owls have eyelashes. I worked with screech owls at the zoo, they have the cutest prettiest eyelashes, they are actually super tiny feathers!

Are there bugs in your eyelashes?

Yes there are bugs in your eyelashes. They are not bad, they are very small creatures who eat the stuff in your eyelashes, so your eyelashes don't look disgusting. So their are also bugs inside your skin to eat your dead skin cells so they don't harm your new skin cells. Hope that answered your ques (MORE)

Are eyelashes hair?

Yes, they are. They have follicles, they have roots, and their cell structure is the same as hair.

What are eyelash mites?

Eyelash mites are mites in the roots of our eyelashes that eat all the dead skin that fall off of our eyelids.

What is a eyelash?

arite heres the dictionary answer: eyelash |ˈīˌla sh | noun each of the short curved hairs growing on the edges of the eyelids, serving to protect the eyes from dust particles heres wut i would tell you: the little hair things that are on ur eyelids that you put girls mascara o (MORE)

How can you get more eyelashes?

Eyelashes grow in the eyelids and its a natural way that it shouldtaken care of. The growth is genuine and you cannot add to thateffect. Nowadays, you can buy fake eyelashes to support yourwishes.

Why are eyelashes important?

hahahaha... They aren't. They are just there to get in the way. They might block dust out but the odds of that arent that great

Can your eyelashes grow?

your eyelashes will grow back if you pull them out but its unlikly that they will grow much longer but evey eye lash is a different lengh

How do you get big eyelashes?

if you want to grow them naturally without any of those weird products. drink LOTS of water. i dont mean like stuff urself with water, i just mean drink alot. get water bottle and fill it. 1.dont rub your eyes 2. remember to take off mascara after using it. 3. eat healthy if you want to us (MORE)

Do bats have eyelashes?

Sure, could put Ronnie Spector to shame. have you ever heard the term Bat lashes? Also a Western comic book named after title character Bat Lash.

Can you losse you eyelashes?

Yes, quite easily. But they do regrow. But they won't if you lose the eyelash root but that can't be done unless you have surgery or a bad incident.

How do you get thick eyelashes?

Putting Vaseline on your eyelashes every night before you go to bed can help thicken them. A good mascara will help thicken them temporarily, also!

How do you get long eyelash?

use an eyelash curler... first close to the lash line, then the middle and then the top part of your eyelash. Apply three coats of mascara, wait a few minuets between each coat and then use an eyebrow brush to separate the eyelashes.

How can you curl your eyelashes?

The most popular is using a eyelash curler. Others also use curling mascara. And I just recently discovered that you can also use a SPOON, yea a SPOON!! There is this special technique.

Do eyelashes get oily?

Yes, it depends on if you use any products on your eyes like mascara and it doesn't get washed off.

Why do camel have eyelashes?

So they can block the sand away from their eyes when there is a sand storm or just debry from the sand.. and to also block the sun from their eyes as well

Does everyone have eyelashes?

Almost everyone. There are cases in which people do not have eyelashes (for genetic reasons, as well as due to skin disorders and other conditions).

How do you grow my eyelashes?

There are those formulas like Latisse that you see in magazines and such, and even surgery to make them longer in some countries. Something you can try is Estee Lauder's Lash Primer Plus. It's actually a full treatment formula for your lashes that you can put on before mascara, and I found that it (MORE)

Why do eyelashes shake?

Eyelid spasms/twitches are generally harmless. It can occur due to eye strain, too much of coffee consumption , squinting a lot or using computer for longer time, anxiety, lack of sleep etc, but hemifascial spasm is a more serious form of eyelid spasm involving the eyelids as well as the facial musc (MORE)

What is an eyelash comb?

It is simply a tiny comb. You can usually get them in any makeup brush set. The bottom is just like any other brush but instead of a brush, there is a lil comb on one side and a lil stiff bristle brush on the other. The comb is for your lashes and the brush is for your eyebrows. :) Hope this helped! (MORE)

What grows your eyelashes?

to grow it naturally put Vaseline on them. but to make them appear longer but they are not really longer use mascara

How do you get a eyelash out?

Try one of these eyelash-removing methods: . The Pinch and Squeeze Method . This is whereyou close your eye real tight, and then pinch 'n' squeeze all youreyelashes outwards, hoping to grab onto a tiny piece of the roguelash and pull it out, too. I recommend doing this one first to seewhat happen (MORE)

Do eyelash curlers snap your eyelashes?

If you choose a reliable and good curler, not it would not really break your lashes. I would recommend lash curlers that are more popular (ex. revlon, loreal, maybelline, etc.) the problem is....you should never curl your lashes with mascara on! curl it before, but never after. mascara on your lashe (MORE)

How do eyelash monsters get on your eyelash?

If you use eyeliner and mascara, you most definitely have moreof them! . If you don't wash off your eyeliner and mascara well, youprobably already have an infestation. . Scientists believe most people have eyelash mites, and havingthem has nothing to do with cleanliness. . People with oily skin m (MORE)

Why do the camel have eyelashes?

Most mammals have eyelashes. They are meant to protect the eye from debris. Camels have extremely long eyelashes to keep windblown sand out of their eyes.

What do eyelashes do for you?

They catch dust and serve as dushcatchers for your eyes. withoutthem stuff would always get into your eyes, not to mention you'dlook weird

What do the eyelashes do?

eyelashes help keep dust and other airborne particles out of your eyes Eyelashes prevent particles in the air or environment such as dust from getting into a person's eye. Eyelashes also stop particles in close proximity of the eye from entering the eye by sealing off the space between the closed l (MORE)