Why do you learn french on your school?

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It is an elective you have to take during one semester of your school year. Or you can take Spanish or what ever languages you have in your school. Mainly it is an elective and you have to pick 1 out of how many languages your aloud to chose from.... Hope my answer was helpful!!!
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What do the french schools learn?

In high school students have the following subjects:. French, history, maths, geography, sciences (such as physics, chemistry and biology), a foreign language (usualy English

What subjects do French schools learn?

French schools teach subjects like french, English, German, mathematics, social sciences, and geography. They also teach subjects like physical education.

Why do you learn french at high school?

Why do I, personally? . Because I refuse to take Spanish. And French was my only other option. . I refuse to take Spanish.. why? Well because I think the Spanish people that

What do French people learn in school?

The french people learn in school is othere language and other ways of taking care of our lives, french peoples learns how to multiply, subtract,add,divide and others in math,

What is the reason that you learn french in school?

French is one of the 4 most used languages in the world, English, French German and Spanish in that order.. A person cannot go wrong by learning a few of these languages to b

What is the point in learning French in school if you are never going to France?

there are many reasons for learning French, it is one of the 4 most spoken languages in the world,there are many places besides France where they speak French, In Canada in th
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I learned french in high school?

J'ai appris le français au collège (junior high school), au lycée (senior high school). French speakers would just say "j'ai appris le français à l'école"
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What foreign languages do French children learn in school?

English is by far the most-taught foreign language in French schools. Spanish comes second, German is a distant third. Italian, Chinese, Polish, regional languages are also ta
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How do French kids learn French in French schools?

French kids learn to speak French by ear at home, just as we learn to speak our native language from our family and friends, from early childhood. But just as in any language,