Why do you listen to news?

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Question= Why do we listen to news
Answer= We listen to news to find out about whats happening in our nation or in the world. For example, there's a war in Islam and i know that because i listen to the news. The news gives as all sorts of information that we can use in our everyday life.
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What is listening?

Listening is considered to be the one of the most important part of the oral communication. The term is used in order to make oral communication effective. Poor listening skills of an individual may affect the individual very badly specially in an organization where the maximum number of time a pers (MORE)

What is passive listening?

Passive listening is giving someone your full attention and notsaying anything back to them. You do not use any body language whenyou are listening passively. It is more of being in the mindset of accepting things what theother has to say because as long as you are ready to question whatis being sai (MORE)

What are some bands you might like if you listen to the band Brand New?

There are lots of bands that you'd probably like. I'd suggest looking into bands like Inkwell, Straylight Run, The Early November, Say Anything, Margot & The Nuclear So And So's, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Ace Enders and a Million Different People. Also look into Kevin Devine as Jesse Lacey has d (MORE)

Why do you listen?

we listen in order to understand and put the information into our memory as long term or short term memory and rehears it when needed

What kind of music do New Yorkers listen to?

They listen to the same music as people in Chicago, Tampa, Miami, Los Angelas, or any other city in the United States. With modern media, music has become a lot less regional.

What is listen?

To listen is to observe a sound being made. If Jane said, "Shh, listen to that!" She would be asking you to be quiet so that the two of you could observe the sound. I hope this helped in some way!

Is there a number you can call to listen to news headlines?

Yes but there only couple. Intresting with unlimited minutes i was searching for this question. ANd found my self an answer. Listen2news : 1-650-293-9114 (ABC WORLD NEWS) listen2news : 1-650-293-9115 (CNS WORLD NEWS) Listen2news: -1-212-904-0080 (FOX NEWS - Updated every hour) Listen2news (MORE)

Where I can listen?

Well I listen to Adventures in Odesy. It is 100.3 .fm you can listen to it online. -Extreamea

Where can you listen to This Is Me?

Well, you can probably find the music video on youtube, and if you cant you can try google videos or maybe even hulu(a website where you can watch episodes from tv shows). hope tht this helps you!! :)

Why is it that young people hate listening to news?

There is no data indicating that young people hate listening to the news. This is compounded by the fact that "news" can include many areas of reporting from international affairs to information on popular iPod downloads or anime releases. Usually this question is "adult speak" for "Why don't other (MORE)

What bands should you listen to if you like Green Day Offspring Pennywise Sum 41 the Clash New York Dolls?

In my opinion, Jesse Malin is the best rock musician around these days. He was originally the lead singer/songwriter of the punk band DGeneration. They released two albums in the 1990s, before they broke up: No Lunch (1996) and Through the Darkness (1998) . Those two albums are extremely har (MORE)

How many times is the word 'listen' mentioned in the Old and New Testament?

In the King James version the word - listen - appears once in the whole Bible. Isa 49:1 Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name. Another answer: The fact that the word "l (MORE)

Do people in New Zealand listen to hip hop music?

Yes. Other than the traditional music of the Maori in New Zealand, they listen to the same kinds of music the rest of the world listens to, including hip hop. See the related link below for YouTube examples of hip hop and urban music in New Zealand.

What kind of music does New Zealand listen to?

As Aotearoa New Zealand * is now a largely westernized country, people in Aotearoa New Zealand listen to a lot of the same music as people in other western nations. The pop charts reflect the same musical trends as other English-speaking countries. Reggae and Hip hop are very popular, particularly a (MORE)

Why you listen to new music?

the music we listen to is stuck in our head! but if we listen to something new we can sort of refresh our brains!

Where did Harry go to listen to the news of The Order Of The Phoenix?

In his godfather's (Sirius Black) kitchen, located in London (Number 17, Grimmauld Place - also used as Headquarters for the Order). Unless you were refering to the actual news broadcast earlier in the book (the one ending with the story of a waterskiing budgie). That newscast he heard while lying i (MORE)

What you partial listening and prefercial listening?

partial listening means when a person hears only what they want to listen Partial Listening Listening must be a complete process where all the communicative stimuli transmitted by the speaker are acknowledged and evaluated. Responding to some of the stimuli while ignoring others will make a l (MORE)

What kind of music do the people from papua new guinea listen to?

This question can really only be answered by generalizing. Recreational music is the normal pop music that is on any other Western country's radio. Though the majority of youth enjoy genres of hip-hop/rap, R&B and pop songs. There is a vast interest in reggae and island reggae (e.g. Oshen, O.N.E.T.O (MORE)

Where can new hip hop music be listened to?

To check out new hip hop music you can go to hiphopreaction and create a free account. Once you have an account set up, you will be able to look through all the artists and tracks the have listed.

About Listen And Be Open To New Ideas?

Listening and being open to new ideas are two of the most important concepts for a teenager or young adult to master. They are both key elements of critical thinking, which enables you to properly evaluate new information before making decisions based on that information.

Where can one listen to new Indian songs?

If one is located in India, listening to new Indian songs is as simple as turning on the radio. For those located outside of the country, the websites for Gaana, Spotify, Music India, and Sangeet House can offer the opportunity to listen to new Indian songs.

Where can someone listen to 50 Cent's new songs?

There are many places where one can listen to 50 Cent's new songs as soon as they are released. One of the best sites for this function is Youtube. It will always have the most up to date music.

Where can one listen to UFO news?

The website TuneIn is one place where someone can listen to news and stories regarding UFO's, along with the site DesertNews. One can also listen to different news stories on You Tube.

Has Nickelback made any new songs worth listening to in the last five years?

Nickelback is a Canadian rock band. In the past five years, they have released one album, 2011's "Here and Now". The album debuted in the number 2 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 and sold 227,000 copies in it's first week of release. While the idea of music worth listening to is purely subjective, (MORE)

Where can one listen to new Beyonce songs?

One can listen to new songs from Beyonce on video and music platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Veio, MTV, last.fm, and Aol Music. They are also available on Beyonce's official website.

Where can one listen to new songs by Slipknot?

You can listen to new Slipknot songs online in your home, and offline at your local record store. If you need help finding new albums, try asking the staff at a record store near you.

Where can one listen to Costa Rica news?

Costa Rica news can be watched directly through the television depending on the type of packages one subscribes to. Otherwise, there are various options available on the internet including the popular Tico Times website.

When you listen to a new piece of music what do you listen for in order to decide if it is good music or bad music?

When you listen to music, you either like it or you don't. Everyone has a different taste in music. Personally, the person's voice is a huge factor in if I like it or not. My mood also helps me decide if I like it. A lot of the time, lyrics are a good thing to look for too. If you like the lyrics in (MORE)