Why do you pee if you put your hand in warm water?

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When you are exposed to warm water, it relaxes your muscles. kind of like having the urge to pee when your in the shower or taking a hot bath.
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Why does your pool water shock you when you put your hand in?

due to presence of electricity. more precisely stray voltage from a nearby source could be the light. stop putting your hand in the pool and call an electrician new: I might add, a qualified swimming pool electrician or a pool tech. PLEASE, RIGHT NOW , TURN OFF THE CIRCUIT BREAKER TO THE LIGH (MORE)

How long does someones hand have to be in warm water to make them pee?

Well, it depends on how much liquid is in your body to begin with. If there's not a sufficient amount, you won't pee no matter how long you sit in warm water. There's no direct correlation between peeing and warm water, however warm water is more relaxing than cold and this can make it appear that t (MORE)

Why do people pee when you put their hand in warm water when sleeping?

Because there pee is warm and so is the water. this causes a bladder reaction which results with urine. contributed gasses may be included. result will vary depending on the bladder size. my brothers bladder is huge therefor when this experiment was constructed he wet his bad immensity Thank (MORE)

Who sings this and what is the name of the song put your hand in the hand of the man that stills the waters put your hand in the hand of the man that calms the sea take a look at yourself and you?

The name of the song is "Put Your Hand In The Hand." It was written by Gene MacLellan and originally recorded by the group Ocean . It went to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US in 1971. . It's also been covered by Elvis Presley, Anne Murray, Frankie Laine, Donny Hathaway, Joan Baez, Loretta Lyn (MORE)

Why should you wash your hands after you pee?

You should always wash your hands after you go to the restroom (both men and women), and occasionally before, if your hands are dirty, as you when you go to the restroom you are touch a sensitive area (for men, when they hold their penis to urinate, and for women, when they wipe themselves after the (MORE)

How does the hand in a bowl of warm water trick work?

The trick where you stick a sleeping person's hand into warm water, in order to make them wet the bed, doesn't work [It was busted by Mythbusters]. Although, I think they should have used a bigger sample size...

Can you put a fish in warm water?

Majority of fish in fish stores are warm water fish and as long as the water does not exceed the fish's range of suitable temperature.

What containers can you put pee in for a pee test?

a condom works well but its hard to find a way to open it without making noise. tie it twice with no air in it with at least 60 ml. of pee. foot warmers from toasti-toes works great but it will take 2-3 minutes to cool if the pad is placed directly on it. The white mens underwear have a built in p (MORE)

Why is your pee warm after you swim?

And/or.... having come out of the pool/lake/ocean wet, you skin has been cooling off because of evaporation. This makes your pee seem relatively warmer to cool skin.

Can you put waterbed heater under pool to keep water warm?

No because the waterbed heater is not meant to get wet and can cause an electrical shock; also it could get hot enough to melt the vinyl of the pool liner. The waterbed heater most likely has a warning on it to not get it wet. If you want an electric heater for your pool you will need to buy one. (MORE)

Is it harmful if you put warm water in an aquarium?

yes it is because if you have fish in there you need to keep it luke-warm not warm. yes sthere is a difference.. but if you put warm water in there there is a possibility that they could die.. if there are no fish in there be my guest and put warm water in there lol

Does hand in warm water trick work?

No. This was proven on Mythbusters. Although if u were to make sure no1 uses the bathroom before they goto bed, for about 3 hours, and get them to drink some hot chocolate, (reason why at camp u have to get up in the middle of the night) then u might have some success

What happens when you put salt in warm water?

Salt is soluble in water and dissolves even faster in hot or warmwater. Salt can only be separated from the hot water mixture byevaporating the water , the same thing happens on salty rivers andseas , you can find some salt on the coast.

What is the effect of temperature when warm water is put in the cold water?

Firstly, you have to know what temperature actually is. It's a measure of the amount of energy contained in a substance that contributes to its' movement. Atoms in a solid vibrate, and in a liquid or gas, they move around until they hit something - either way, they have a kinetic energy, and tempera (MORE)

What happens if your hands are really cold and you put it in hot water?

the hot water will feel much hotter than it actually is. This is because the nerves that sense temperature feel cold or warm. Hot causes both types to fire. When your hands are cold, and you put them into hot water it can cause those nerves to fire more then they normally would. Also, if your ha (MORE)

Should your school have warm water to wash hands?

Yes - provided its temperature is remotely controlled. Providing hot water straight to pupils wash-rooms creates the possibility of scalding either deliberately or by accident. Regulating the temperature at the boiler (by way of a mixer valve) would allow the maintenance staff to set the temperatu (MORE)

How does the hand in warm water thing work?

you just wait until you or your victim is asleep and you stick whomever hand in a bowl of warm water, its supposed to make them pee themselves but mythbusters proved this wrong. You should still try it:)

How much warm water put in to honey?

Not sure why you would put warm water in honey, but feel free to add as much as you like. Some people like to drink warm water and honey to sooth a sore throat.

Why can you put your hand into steam without getting burnt but not water?

Actually if you place your hand into steam, you WILL get burnt.What you are probably thinking of is placing your hand into thecondensate of the steam that appears like a cloud. You can placeyour hand into that because it has to cool to a much lowertemperature before it begins to condense. True steam (MORE)

Why water go up when you put hand in?

To put it in simple terms, your hand is taking up the water's space. Your hand has a mass and so does the water inside the glass. If you put your hand inside the glass, the property of displacement occurs where the mass of water being displaced is the mass of your hand going inside the glass. This o (MORE)

Does it matter how big the warm brick or warm water bottle is when putting it by your feet?

WARNINGS-- Heat next to bare skin can burn the skin. Elderlypeople, people with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy, and peoplewho have compromised ability to freely move independently shouldtake great care when using ANY type of heat near the skin,especially when put under blankets. A heating source (MORE)