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Everyone sweats a little differently (and some hardly at all), but the reason behind it is your body releasing fluid so that it can be cooled by the ambient air to lower your body temperature.
So, knowing this, you can safely assume that if you sweat a lot, you need to replenish the body with plenty of water so it can keep doing its job.

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Why do you sweat much in the rainy season?

i got the answer "In the rainy season it is hot and humid The heat makes you sweat and the humidity stops it from evaporating." when i attempted to find answer for my child's

How much weight do you lose when you sweat?

It depends on how long you sweat. Sweat is water and water is weight. You can also have problems if you dehydrate. It is not a long term solution for weight loss.

Is sweating too much unhealthy?

  Sweating too much can lead to dehydration (that is, there is not enough water in the body) if you do not take care to replace the lost water by drinking.

Why do alcoholics sweat so much?

After consuming alcohol, there is a lot of fluid in the body, so therefore people who drink a lot will sweat a lot. It's how the body gets rid of the alcohol.

How much do you sweat in a day?

  On an average a person loses about 500 ml of water in the form of sweat.
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How Much Do You Sweat At Night?

Three quarters of your body weight is water and it is possible to  loose 1% overnight. This is regained by food and liquid intake the  following morning