Why do you sweat too much?

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Everyone sweats a little differently (and some hardly at all), but the reason behind it is your body releasing fluid so that it can be cooled by the ambient air to lower your body temperature.
So, knowing this, you can safely assume that if you sweat a lot, you need to replenish the body with plenty of water so it can keep doing its job.

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How much do you sweat?

Some people dont sweat very much, others need prescription deodorant for control.

How do you not sweat as much?

Depends what your doing, before you go out to a workout you drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Not when you are working out that doesn't hydrate you. Drink glasses of water

How to control acne from sweating too much?

\nBecause this problem seems to stem from inside the body (see hormones, overactive sweat glands...) one possible way of controlling it is via medication available from a derm

Why can sweating too much be dangerous?

Sweating too much will not kill but it will cause dehydration that may kill if not enough water is being replenished. Heavy sweating can cause major social and personal proble

Is sweating too much unhealthy?

Sweating too much can lead to dehydration (that is, there is not enough water in the body) if you do not take care to replace the lost water by drinking.

Why when you do something sweat too much?

Sweat is the bodies method of maintaining a proper temperature, especially when exerting oneself. However, excessive sweating is a medical condition that can be treated by a d

Can you sweat too much?

Yes. Your skin turns red and hot to the touch. You are very close to dead, so immediate first aid is required.
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Why you sweat too much?

you sweat when you are trying to cool off. the more water you drink and the hotter you get you just keep sweating, its basically the body's way of cooling down.