Why does Blu-ray shut down when some movies are played?

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There's probably a malfunction in the player
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How do you shut down windows movie maker?

The best way to close any program, including Windows Movie Maker is by clicking on File and Exit. However, the X on the top right of the program window will also close it.

Is Movie Star Planet shutting down?

No there aren't! Who ever said they are doen't know there facts. I know ther aren't because i get on there 24\7 and if they were shutting down, every moviestar would get a e-m

Why does your computer shut down every time you play NBA2k12?

It's happened frequently with me too. Y'see, it's an overheating problem. If you play on a laptop, it'll happen more frequently than not if you don't have a CPU cooler or one

Can you play Blu-ray movies on your HDTV?

The HDTV needs to be a 1080 P model for full Bluray and the HDTV needs to be connected to a PS3 or Bluray disc player with a HDMI cable. You need a Blu-ray player or laptop
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Can laptops play Blu-ray movies?

Some can if it has a Blu-ray drive. It also requires movie player software and the correct display codec (otherwise the Blu Ray drive would be usable for data transfer onl