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Why does Blu-ray shut down when some movies are played?

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There's probably a malfunction in the player
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Why does your computer shut down when you dont tell it to shut down?

  Could be because of overheating - some motherboards have cutoffs when it reaches a certain temperature Simply adding an extra fan could solve the problem   Could be

How do you shut down windows movie maker?

The best way to close any program, including Windows Movie Maker is by clicking on File and Exit. However, the X on the top right of the program window will also close it.

Does playstation 3 play Blu-ray movies?

Yes it is one of it's features and it also plays DVDs and upgrades them to the level of your HDTV and Connection. Of course nothing can play a Disc in 1080 P if your HDTV and

Is there an application that allows you to play Blu-ray movies on your Mac?

There are media player software that allows you to play blu ray movies and Mac Blu ray player software can do the job so efficiently as it not only plays video movies, music a

Can you play Blu-ray movies on your HDTV?

The HDTV needs to be a 1080 P model for full Bluray and the HDTV needs to be connected to a PS3 or Bluray disc player with a HDMI cable. You need a Blu-ray player or laptop t