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Why does Brahma has four heads?

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It represents his omniscience, that he sees in all directions.
The 'Brahma' is the name given to the creator of an Universe. Its simply a title,
like that of an minister.This implies that there are innumerable Brahmas creating and controlling innumerable universes. The number of heads given to a particular Brahma depends on the size of the Universe under his supervision. As a result our Brahma has four heads as he controls our universe sizing 4 billion light years.
Hindu literature tells that there are Brahmas with even trillions of heads.
Another reason given in the literature is, with his four heads Brahma is continually reciting our four Vedas. namely Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda , Atharva Veda, for the well being of his material creations of the Universe.
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