Why does Directv send customer correspondence from Michael Wallach who is Vice President of Direct Sales when they refuse to provide his address for customer replies or feedback?

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Maybe when a company empowers their employees to make and accept promotional deals then finds out that it is not what they consider acceptable instead of offering a better deal or accepting the loss of revenue they would rather lose a customer by saying we are sorrying we cannot continure that promotion because it should have not been offered! So when a deal is made and one's word is no good...maybe to continue profitably you need someone else...invisble and hard to account for, it makes it easier on the real dealers who are in the background and they have plausible deniability!
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The techniques for collecting and analysing customer feedback?

Now a days, companies use advance feedback systems to analyse theirbusiness. The system may including one or more of the followingtechniques to get customer feedback: 1. Surveys 2. Data Hub (panel which keeps the company & customer connectedonline). 3. Communities: The companies create special communities where thecustomers can interact. 4. Social Media: Customers provide feedback on official socialmedia accounts of the company. 5. By connecting with the customers after the sale via the means ofcalls, sms or email. 6. By lending the feedback system to feedback handlers. Source: questback.com/uk/enterprise

Importance of gaining customer feedback?

Gaining customer feedback enables a business to focus the quality of their customer service and be more competitive. In business you always strive to improve your customer service as the customer writes your paycheck with the services or products he purchases from you. By getting customer feedback, you can make your customers happier, hence they will buy more from you increasing your paycheck.

State the importance of gaining customer feedback?

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Why customer feedback is important?

No business will last long without customer feedback. The question is how do you collect the feedback and what questions do you ask? Forget about comment cards. A combination of quick and easy technology and leading-edge research is critical. www.feedbackrevolution.qr.com

Ways in which customers submit there feedback?

One of the best ways to generate customer feedback is to have customers scan a QR code with their smartphone and answer a few quick questions. Forget comment cards. This is fun and easy. Customers are more likely to actually do it. Take a look at http://www.feedbackrevolutionqr.com

How many customer do directv have?

well in the last year we signed up over 4 million people and of those there is a 1.5% turn rate which means 1.5 people of 100 cancel service after their first two year contract.

What are the benefits of customer feedback?

Customer feedback is an extremely important way of doing selfassessment of your business. The feedback is coming from yourcustomers who will tell you how good is your product or service. It is important in following ways: 1. Finding positive & negative areas 2. Providing customer support 3. Making trust & loyalty, retaining your customers 4. Making the customer your permanent buyer or client. 5. It will increase the reputation of your business. 6. Improving your business strategies by eliminating negativethings. Partial sources: customersure.com, questback.com/uk/enterprise

How do you analyze customer feedback?

you can analyze customer feed back threw customer surveys, or comment boxes that don't come to the customer as an inconvenience or bothersome while providing what ever service your providing

How discounts and sales attract customers?

If customers feel and think that they are getting a great deal, then in their mind they think that they wont find another deal like it. You need to make them feel that way to attract them to purchase your item(s) unless you arent selling anything

How do you get customer feedback and improve product services?

When talking about a hotel chain you may lay some short survey on a table on each room. Not intrusive, but subtle, just have it there maybe next to a bouquet with some nice formulation like "We hope you enjoy your stay at ..., if you have any recommendations or comments, do not hesitate to fill out this form or contact our receptionists." With this information you should also be able to improve your services just the way your customers want it.\n

What are the advantages of Point Of Sale to the customer?

The point of sale system in reference to the customer is going tooverall enhance their shopping/buying experience. Less mistakeswill be made, it should speed up their time at the register. ThePOS system can store their information for future use, processcredit card trasactions. In my opinion there are no disadvantagesfor the customer with a well working point of sale system.

What are the disadvantage to Informal customer feedback?

Responses need to be recorded by the person listening to them so the changes can take place. -Feedback techniques could confuse the customers. - Since the customers can give feedback without being prompted, the feedback they give might not be very constructive.

What is a customer sales representative?

A Customer Service Representative is often referred to as a C.S.R. This position is generally the first line in dealing with customers in a business. They talk with customers (internal/external) in person and on the phone. Many call centers are calling their "Call Center Phone Representatives" Customer Service Representatives. These people generally answer incoming phone calls and answer various questions about their accounts.

Why is a customer feedback so important to provide quality customer service?

Because it will tell if we were able to perform our job in a waythat customers would not feel neglected. There's more to being ableto do what they requested from us, it should be something about howthey would want to look forward to another transaction with us.Besides, they are the ones who keep us in business.

Does CTI get good feedback from customers?

CTI get mixed feedback from customers like any other company does in this day and age however they mostly get good feedback during the summer months and even better during winter

What are the facilities provided to customers by banks?

Some of the different services available from major banks to its customers are: 1. Checking/Current account 2. Savings accounts 3. Internet/Mobile Banking 4. ATM Cards 5. Check Books 6. Deposit Accounts 7. Loans 8. Credit Cards etc.

How do you customize GTA vice city?

just download vice city mods[with these..u can get new cars/customize cars eg:Bugatti veryon,Lamborgini murcelago...etc..and u can also get other mods which change the map..mine has the twin towers...the golden gate bridge..oh..and a Nokia store..:P]

How do you get customer feedback?

Feedback from customers is one of the best ways that helps in growing and expanding the products and services. Obtaining feedback from them and applying it effectively into the business can mean the difference between a good year and a great year. One of the main goals of gathering the cutomer feedback is to enable communications between you and your cutsomers. It can aslo help you in recovering flaws in your business whether it could be technical or related to price.

How many customers does DirecTV have in South Dakota?

It would be difficult to give a definite number of customersbecause it would always be changing as DirecTV would be adding andremoving customers on a daily basis. As of December 2012, DirecTVhad 35.56 million subscribers in the United States and LatinAmerica.

What does AAA Auto provide for a customer?

AAA Auto insurance provides a wide range of coverage depending on the chosen plan. Calling AAA can give the individual a better understanding of available coverages.

What does nelnet provide for their customers?

The company Nelnet helps its customers finance their higher education. They specialize in helping students reorganize their payment plans, administer loans, and provide general financial support.

What does Jake Sweeney provide customers?

Jake Sweeney Automotive is a used car dealership. They have hundreds of pre-owned vehicles, as well as many budget vehicles under $9995. They have financing available, as well.

What services does Be TV provide its customers?

Centered in Amsterdam, Be TV offers various programs for it's customers. Stealth, XO and Mayday 2013 are featured in it's programming line up. The Flying circus is scheduled for May 28.

What service does UKreg provide their customers?

UKreg is a domain registering company. UKreg allows you to register your own domain and use it for getting people to find out about your own website. With UKreg you can also look for free domains and transfer them to you eventually.

How do companies collect customer feedback?

Customer feedback can be collected in a number of ways. Some companies have websites to collect feedback from its customers about specific shopping experiences, or publicly displayed email address to encourage customer engagement. Others use surveys to get a balanced view of public opinion.

What does a customs broker provide for a customer?

A customs broker is a highly trained import professional that is licensed by the US Department of the Treasury. This professional had a thorough knowledge of tariff schedules and Customer regulations and keeps informed of amendments and constant changes in the law and administrative regulations. Many brokers help clients choose modes of transportation and appropriate carriers. They also provide assistance to importers in assigning shipment the best routes.

How do you successfully close the sale with the customer?

It is not easy to close the sale with the customer but this is big challenge to us. During transaction we educate the customer about our product/service. We give an information and benefits of product/service to customers. Aside from that we need to offer additional promo for product/services to customer to become interested. Last is we need to convince to customer to buy the product/service.