Why does Justin Bieber wear a bandage?

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Well, when he was opening for Taylor Swift in London, he said there was a dip in the stage and he broke his foot so he wore a big cast for a couple weeks.
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What deodorant does Justin Bieber wear?

He uses a very expensive, very fragrant, combination of Psilocybin, an extract diluted from infant seal livers, and placenta magnefique, derived from the virginal unic tribes

Why does Justin Bieber wear dogtags?

A fan mailed the dogtags to him. They were her fathers in the war he fought him and she wanted Justin to have them. He wears them to honor his fans.
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How long time did Justin Bieber have bandage?

One of his idols is Michael Jackson, and he had band-aids on his fingers as well, so he started doing it. He's been doing that since he became famous, a year and a half ago
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Does Justin bieber wear a masc?

no he doesn't. people might actually think he wears a mask, he doesn't. some even say, under the mask, he's really 51! But seriously, Justin beiber will never ever do that,