Why does Lady Gaga wear a wig?

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She was born a brunette, but wears a whitish wig. I don't know why she doesn't just keep her natural hair. Weird.
Tht person is right BUT she doesnt dye her hair. She does wear a blonde wig because it's too much trouble dying hair. Also, the damage it causes to dye hair tht blonde (bleach blonde) and she wants ppl to think her blonde hair is natural so, if she went to th salon, paparazzi would see her.

shes right she wouldn't die her hie whiteish or what ever and then dye it back brown that's tooo much trouble

Okay, well lady gaga wears a wig because she may not want anyone to see what her real hair is. Yes she is a natural brunette, but she wears bleach-blonde wigs.
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Does Lady Gaga wear a wig?

No it isn't a wig. She used to have brown hair but people used to mistake her for Amy Winehouse, so she dyed it blonde. But in some of her videos for example: Poker Face and B

Does Lady Gaga wear wigs?

Yes, she does wear wigs. . She can be seen in interviews, videos with many different hair styles. . She can be seen with various hair styles during one of her concerts ( I s

Why does Lady Gaga wear wigs?

Lady Gaga was born as a brunette. Nobody really knows why she wears wigs, perhaps it's merely personal preference on her part.

What colour wig does Lady Gaga wear?

she wears a blonde wig sometimes, but her hair is blonde and in a bob with bangs anyhow, she dyed her hair blonde because she kept being mistaken for Amy winehouse

Is Lady Gaga wearing wigs?

All the time haven't you noticed one day her hair is super short then really long also you can see the elastic

Dose Lady Gaga wear a wig on stage?

Corse, her hair is always differently styled and sometimes short and the next time long. And also he hair looks really well conditioned, he hair is naturally brown so it has p

Does Lady Gaga have a wig on?

NO she doesnt wear a wig.Her natural hair color is actually dark brown, but she has only dyed and straightened her hair. but she does wear wigs sumtimes (when she wants her

Does Lady Gaga die her hair and wear a wig?

I don't think she dyes her hair, but she definitly wears a wig ;) no she doesnt She does die her hair as her natural hair colour is dark brown. In the bad romance video to