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Why does Mercury have a slow magnetic field?

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So I did some specialized research all over sites using keywords and phrases like, "atmosphere," "magnetic field," "mercury," "mercury's magnetic field," "iron substance of mercury," and so forth. I searched the NASA website and a few solar system books of my own, and here's my answer:

"Mercury does not have enough atmosphere to slow down meteoroids and burn them up by friction... The discovery of a magnetic field around Mercury led some scientists to believe that the planet's outer core, like Earth's, consists of liquid iron." - NASA

The magnetic field is so weak that the solar wind impinges on the surface and is absorbed. The fact that the magnetic field is so weak is due to the fact that it picks up solar wind where it is weakest. But that's not all. Creationist theories of planetary fields expect such a decrease because electrical resistance in a planet's core will decrease the electrical current causing the magnetic field. The smaller the core or greater the resistance, the faster the field will decay.

"Mercury's decay rate is so rapid that some future probe could detect it fairly soon. In 1990 the planet's magnetic moment should be 1.8 percent smaller than its 1975 value." - D. Russell Humphreys
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