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Why does Wilson believe that Gatsby killed myrtle in the great Gatsby?

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He saw Gatsby's car (driven by Daisy) hit Myrtle, and when he went to confront Tom about Myrtle's death, Tom tells him Gatsby ran over Myrtle.
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Did Daisy from The Great Gatsby kill Myrtle on purpose?

  No, it was an accident.   Daisy was confused and furious about what had happened in the hotel, so she decided to drive to calm her nerves. Myrtle ran into the road th

Who drives the car who kills myrtle in the great gatsby?

Daisy Buchanan. Jay Gatsby takes the blame, because he loves Daisey. Tom Buchanan (who was having an affair with Myrtle) and does not want to lose Daisy tells Myrtle's husband

Why does Wilson believe that it was Gatsby who had an affair with Myrtle in The Great Gatsby?

After finding the expensive dog collar which Tom bought Myrtle, Wilson becomes aware that Myrtle is having an affair. He knows it must be a wealthy man, but does not know who.

Who killed gatsby in The Great Gatsby?

Gatsby is killed by George Wilson because he thinks Gatsby was driving the car that killed his wife Myrtle when in fact it was Daisy. Gatsby is found in the pool by Nick Caraw

In The Great Gatsby why did myrtle run?

Myrtle had earlier seen Tom driving Gatsby's car. When it came back, she assumed it was Tom again, and, having just had a heated argument with her husband, who realised she wa

Why does Wilson believe that Gatsby killed Myrtle?

Wilson assumed that who ever was driving the yellow car was Myrtle's affair and the one who killed her. He believed Gatsby was the one who did it because Tom told him that Gat

Where does Nick first meet Myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby?

Tom Buchanan wants Nick to meet his mistress, Myrtle Wilson. Nick first meets Myrtle in her husband's auto shop. Tom tells Myrtle to take the next train so they can meet up in

How does myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby die?

She gets into a car accident, Daisy hits her but she leaves the blame on Gatsby then leaves town with her husband, Tom. At the end Wilson, myrtle's husband kills Gatsby thinki

In The Great Gatsby why did Wilson murder Gatsby?

Because Daisy hit Myrtle (George Wilson's wife) whilst driving Gatsby's car, and Tom told George (Wilson) that Gatsby owned the yellow car that everyone was describing so Geor