Why does a 1995 Chrysler lhs start and run until it gets warm then stalls and wont start again until it cools off?

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sounds like you temperature sending unit is bad. very cheap part usually easy to fix however sometimes hard to find - buy an automotive book for you car or ask someone at parts store
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Your '95 Neon starts and runs fine while engine is cold after engine has warmed up to normal operating temp it stalls out and will not restart until engine has been allowed to cool down again.?

Answer . \nCheck the coil pak. Known to do this.. Answer . I own a '95 Neon that is doing JUST THIS SAME THING! Today I decided that I would change the ignition coil, b

Swamp buggy old military jeep four cylinder carbureted runs great cold when warm idle is rough will not start if shut off when warm until it is cool again Please help?

Answer . More than likely the fuel level is too high in carb's bowl. Next time out, try a warm start with the throttle wide open (once it starts ease off the pedal!). If it

You drive 50 miles on the highway you come to a stop and the vehicle stalls and you have difficulty starting again until it cools off?

CAT CONV. . \nMy guess would be that the catalytic converter is plugged, or maybe some other exhaust blockage. The exhaust cannot go through the system and the car stalls.

What causes a 1997 Saturn SC2 to run fine for five to ten minutes and then stall and will not start again until it is completely cooled off?

I had this exact same problem with my 97' Saturn...It would run for a short time and then cut off and let it cool and it would start again.... Change the CPS sensor (Cranks

What is wrong with a Briggs and Stratton engine that wont start after it has run for 15 min but runs fine until it is shut off and works after cooled?

Answer . One possibility is that the engine is running too rich. When you shut the engine off with no spark present the excess fuel present from the last couple cycles is fl

Why does 2000 ford contour not start when cold then after gets running wants to stall until engine is warmed up?

Check the OBD computer codes. You can purchase, rent or borrow a code scanner from most auto parts retailers. There can be several potential problems which could contribute to

Your cars runs good when the engine is cooled down but once it gets warm it stalls out and will not start until about thirty minutes later when it cools off?

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual problem and there are many possible causes. Here are some: . The ignition module is going bad, and fails as it gets warm . A crank p