Why does a USB mass storage device iPod not have a driver installed and is registered as a different type of USB device?

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windows does not need to know the device name if it shows the device as a mass storage device.
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What is a USB device?

The abbreviation is of Universal Serial Bus, which refers to the way the device corresponds with a computer in order to deliver or exchange files. The physical link is a small 4-pole connector, but there is of course a goodly amount of controlling electronics with it. There there are very many USB (MORE)

Can a usb device burn out a usb port?

I recently purchased a Toshiba external hard drive to move some stuff from my daughters tiny 20G HD on her Inspirion 2650. This is a USB 2 device, and I assumed the USB ports on the computer were also. I guess not. I got a message from XP saying the ports couldn't provide enough power to the device. (MORE)

Usb device not recognized?

1. right click my computer then properties 2. go to hardware then device manager 3. under usb controllers, right click usb root hub, on power management hub, uncheck the first option you see i think this will help..

What if your USB device has malfunctioned?

If a USB device has malfunctioned, the computer might be able totell a person the problem. Go into devices and right click on thedevice and look for words like troubleshoot. The computer will thenrun a test to see what the problem is. A new USB cord might be theanswer.

Usb is input device or output device?

Universal serial bus is used to get data as well as to put data into computer system,so we can say that it is used for both purposes.... Regards: apnay_stars@yahoo.com (S&S 4ever)

What is an USB mass stoarge device?

This is a title which often appears in the Windows operating system that describes a class of device . It most often appears in the lower right corner of the screen when you connect a flash drive, mp3 player, or memory card to your computer. Basically, a "USB mass storage device" is a "Device" which (MORE)

What are USB devices?

Any component (keyboard, mouse, memory storage device...) that uses a Universal Serial Bus, which is a kind of uniform connection port that most modern computers use today.

What is a USB audio device?

It is an audio device (such as an external sound card, headphones, or speakers) that is connected to a USB port.

Adminstrator has prohibited access to usb and 1394 mass storage devices in windows xp how do you fix it?

I bought a used computer awhile back where this was the case,. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823732. Article ID: 823732 - Last Review: April 19, 2005 - Revision: 3.4. How to disable the use of USB storage devices . View products that this article applies to. . On This Page . SUMMARY . (MORE)

What device does the USB support?

USB can be used for literally hundreds of different devices. These include but are not limited to keyboards, mouses, printers, external hard drives thumb drives & cdroms, network interface cards, game pads and joysticks, document scanners, fingerprint scanners, cameras, modems, soundcards, tv and ra (MORE)

Is USB a storage device?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a physical transmission standard for computer devicec. You could connect different peripheral device such, Printers, WLAN-Adapters, Mobile Phones. If you connect a USB-Harddrive you could save data. If you connect a WLAN-USB-Stick you couldn't save data. USB-Memo (MORE)

How do you install a USB device?

When you plug in the USB device to your computer it will automatically install. If it does not install right away give your computer a few minutes to work on it. If there was a disk included with your device you may have to insert it to install your device.

What are the disadvantages of USB storage devices?

USB has much slower data transfer rates than firewire, SATA or PATA interfaces. USB 2.0 has much higher speeds than USB 1.1, but due to compatibilty reasons many people end up inadvertantly running in a lower-speed compatibility mode.

Why is your USB saying USB Device not recognised?

there could be some driver problem, you might also consider formatting your device if its a storage device and then try using again. OR Else just goto control panel hardware and sound device manager and select "Action" from the menu bar then click on -scan for hardware changes after the computer s (MORE)

What is usb device driver?

You can find some answers on drivers, devices and manufacturers at www.getdriversnow.com (see the link below). You can also download many drivers from their site, for free.

How do you disable USB storage devices without disabling other USB devices?

There's a few ways you could go about this. The simplest way is to delete the usbstor.inf and usbstor.sys files. These are the drivers that support USB storage devices. You will need to make sure you delete both the main file and any backup copy the system might have in its driver cache. You should (MORE)

What types of devices use USB ports?

many things; you can connect your camera with a usb cable and usb port, also a video camera. phones, ipods, mp3 players, psp's and mostly alot of gadgets can be connected using a usb cable and usb port.

Flash memory storage device that plugs in to a usb port?

Flash memory storage devices that plug into USB ports are commonlyreferred to as USB thumb drives. USB thumb drives come in a varietyof shapes, sizes, and capacities and are often used fortransporting files from one computer to another.

How do you disconnect a usb device?

you should have a Safely Remove Hardware icon in your taskbar, near the clock (you might have to expand the list if you have a < icon on the end).........left-click this........you will then see a pop-up list and can select the item you want to remove.....Windows will then make sure it isn't using i (MORE)

Why dont you have to power down a computer when installing a USB device?

The Universal Serial Bus was designed with hotswapping in mind, although the slot is powered it has firmware that tells it when it should or should not provide electricity, It is perfectly safe to insert and remove USB devices at a whim, just be cautious of bending the slots as they are powered and (MORE)

Information about the driver for an installed USB device would be found under the?

Go to Start>and right-click on My Computer>click Manage>a window will pop up its the Computer Management, click on Device Manger under System Tools, then if you expand one of the device fields, there you can right-click on one of the devices and click Properties, then click on the Driver tab and you (MORE)

Which USB devices can be used with a computer?

Any USB devices as long as the computer has USB Ports. Plugging new USB devices in old computers (older than 3-5 years) might not work as newer devices might use a newer USB version. Generally this rarely happens, I never had an issue of a USB device not working on a computer with USB.

Usb devices get there power from?

The USB hub can supply power through the USB cable itself. Sometimes, the device requires more power than the hub can provide. In that case, there is usually a power adapter to an outlet in your house to power it and a USB cable to make the connection. Also USB cord supplies power to devices tha (MORE)

Is a USB drive a storage device?

Yes, it stores files from a computer. Examples would be: A flash drive, external hard drive, a USB connected digital camera, USB connected ipod or mp3 player. Anything that has memory in it to store data or files and is connected though a USB port.

What is USB booting device?

used as a tool to restore passwords which may me corrupted as a result of powerful viruses. usually you would not need one & is basically precautionary.

Is USB a drive or a device define?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is actually the name given to the hardware standard that allows for multipurpose input/output with corresponding devices. A USB drive, or USB Mass Storage Device, is one such device that uses USB to allow itself to store certain amounts of data (ex. 4GB of data).

What to do when your USB device is not working?

A few things to check first. 1) Check to make sure other USB devices work. 2) Check to see if the malfunctioning device works on another computer. 3) Disconnect all hubs from the computer and try a direct connection. 4) Check the cable and make sure it's ok with another device, try a dif (MORE)

What devices can be connected to a USB port?

An USB microphone An USB cable mouse Probably a cellphone so you can connect to the files you have on it. An USB memory Actually everything that has a usb cable that can be connected to a USB port will work. Hope this helped you.. -Raul

What does a USB device do?

USB Secure lets you password protect your USB drives, SSD drives,external drives and memory cards. Protection is PC independent anddoes not require installation or administrative rights on the otherend. You can unprotect your data by entering the password again.Works in all flavors of Windows.

Is a rear usb a input device?

A USB port is both and input and output port. Depends on what is connected to it as to which is functions as. Connect a camera and it is an input device. Connect a printer and it is an output device. Connect a printer/scanner and it is both.