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Why does a duck have a beak?

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becasue God made them that way
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What do ducks have?

A beak, an anus, and a nose! A beak, an anus, and a nose!

Compare the beak structure leg and sternum of chicken an eagle and duck?

The shape of the beak is related to what the bird eats: Chickens have a short hard beak for picking up and cracking seeds, ducks have a flat beak for scooping up things out of

What do duck use their beaks for?

Ducks use their bills to drink, eat even breathe as they have nostrils on their beaks. Ducks also use their bills to make noise, to preen (clean feathers or other parts of the

How do you get a duck?

You can get a duck by going to your local feed store and just buying a duckling. they are not very expensive and they make great pets if you want that much responsibility. I l

What is a ducks beak made out of?

The duck's bill is made of keratin, like our fingernails, and cartilage, but, it is a one time deal, though. If it gets broken they are in trouble.

Do ducks have bills or beaks?

  bills (a beak is sharp where as a bill is is usually flat like a duck or a plattypuss)
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What can ducks do?

This depends on what kind of ducks you have. Some of the basics are quacking, swimming, mating, eating, pooping, making loud noises, and waddling around. Certain ducks are bet

What animal has a beaver tail and a duck beak and a bears fur?

The platypus looks a bit like that. The platypus, however, is a completely independent animal which is not made up of beavers, ducks or any other creature. Its tail is vastl