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Why does a duck have a beak?

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becasue God made them that way
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Why do ducks have beaks?

Ducks need beaks for several reasons, firstly to scoop food from underneath weeds, to mate properly and to kill you if you make stupid questions. Look out when you sit down. H

Why do ruddy ducks have blue beaks?

The males only have blue beaks during the summer. Since summer andspring is their breeding time, I guess it's to attract mates or tolet the females know that they are males, b

What is a ducks beak made out of?

The duck's bill is made of keratin, like our fingernails, and cartilage, but, it is a one time deal, though. If it gets broken they are in trouble.

What is a duck beak for?

it's for dactyl - It may serve the following unusual purpose (as recounted by the American actor Christopher Walken): Daisy Duck goes to the make-up counter where she choo