Why does a fetus kick at the touch of a person?

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Is a fetus a person?

This is all a matter of opinion. In my opinion, I don't consider a fetus to be a living person. If you would like to educate yourself on the matter then go to http://atheism.

When does a fetus become a person?

This is something people often argue about. So for someone who ispro life for instance a embryo/fetus would be a person, while froma pro choice view the woman would be conside

Is it normal not to feel the fetus kick at 22 weeks?

Im 22 weeks and i feel my baby move alot. My doctor tells me everything is fine and i just feel the baby kick alot specially at nights or early in the morning i think he just

Why would a 5 month fetus kick a lot?

A five month old fetus will kick alot because there is lots of room to do it in....as your pregnancy progresses these movements will feel stronger as baby runs out of space...