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Why does a person with asthma have trouble breathing?

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Asthma is a complex medical problem in which both airway inflammation, bronchoconstriction, and excess mucous production play a role in causing shortness of breath. Bronchoconstriction causes a decreased diameter of the small airways, which makes air passage more difficult. Inflammation and excess mucous production cause plugging of these smaller airways, making air movement impossible and resulting in air trapping. As a result, a patient with asthma can take a breath in, but cannot exhale all of that air.
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How does a person get asthma?

mabye a mother that smokes while she is pregnant. There are some other ways to get asthma, too.

Does shortness of breath mean you have asthma?

Not exactly. If you had shortness of breath, call your doctor and make and appointment to see if you actually have asthma. Sometimes people would have shortness of breath but

How do you breathe with asthma?

  When you have asthma, you breathe normally; there are no special techniques. However, your nose may be stuffed up, so you might need to breathe through your mouth. Avoid

What is the breathing machine for asthma attacks?

You can use either:  A nebulizer. You put anti inflammatory medicine or other medicine to help stop difficulty breathing into a plastic chamber, you put the mask to your mou

Is asthma when you can't breathe in or can't breathe out?

BASICLLY, Asthma is to do with your air ways..... it tightens and you can't breath in OR out. Asthma is very common and is different for everyone. If you want or need informat

Why does a person short of breath have trouble speaking?

When someone talks air moves past tissue in the throat (larynx). For example, while singing a person takes a deep breath in order to sustain a long note. When there is a small