Why does a plant growing in a pot get affected by mineral shortages than a plant growing in the garden?

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a plant growing in a pot cannot supply minerals of its own,whereas in a garden there are plenty of minerals in the soil.
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A plant growing in a pot is more likely to be affected by a shortage of minerals than a plant growing in a garden why is this?

On reason is Rain fall garden plants are surrounded by large areas of earth so when it rains water moves across the surface of the ground and carry's surface minerals with it

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if you have another strawberry plant, wait until it puts our 'runners' these runners will grow air roots which can then be planted in the ground next to the parent plant or a

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you really ask wow i thought that was obvious its just like planting a plant in the ground but you have a limited space for potting . first you get a pot . then a plant . t

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deppending on how many seeds you put in to it Answer. The number of seeds is irrelevant . It only takes one seed to produce a plant in one pot. If the conditions are right t