Why does chlorine kill plants?

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Chlorine damages cells by releasing free oxygen which combines with cell
proteins causing them to denature. Because the hypochlorite ion forms when
such compounds as sodium hypochlorite (NaoCl; bleach)contact the organic
materials which make up the cell membrane, it is also likely that the
lipoprotein structure is disrupted, causing cytoplasm leakage and killing
the cell.
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Does the chlorine in the pool kill the sperm?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYes.\n. \nChlorine kills all bugs including sperm.\n. \n Answer \n. \nHello.\n. \nChlorine in a swimming pool will not kill sperm. Spermicidal jelly or condoms will kill sperm. Sperm dies naturally a few hours after coming into contact with air. Sperm can liv (MORE)

What are the effects of chlorine on a plant?

Chlorine is a toxic substance and will obviously kill a plant. Drinking water does have chlorine in it, but not enough to kill a plant. Depending on the area, the ppm of tap water will differ. If you are watering a plant and want it to flourish, rain water is the best.

Does chlorine bleach kill mold?

Bleach can kill mold BUT it's effectiveness does depend on the surface the mold is on. Mold can grow and be visible on both porous and non-porous materials. When dealing with mold on non-porous materials such as shower tiles, tubs, vinyl window trims, counter tops, etc. you can use bleach to kill th (MORE)

Can chlorine kill you?

Yes. In vapor form it can displace oxygen and that's why it was used in WW1 as a weapon.

How does chlorine affect plant growth?

Chlorine affects plants very much. If you don't add any water to it it will die very fast. Also when you add chlorine to plants, don't spill it on anything, because it stains. It also affects because chlorine is found in all water and if you don't have chlorine then u have no water which means plan (MORE)

Can plants grow in chlorinated water?

No. The chlorine kills anything trying to grow in the waterincluding any plants. Of the chlorine should evaporate or if onlyin a small dose then some plants may survive.

Will chlorine kill mosquito larvae?

\nA little bit of cooking oil on top of most containers with mosquito larvae will kill the little critters. Still, it is good to get rid of standing water all around. Without standing water, they can not come back.

Will chlorine kill mosquitoes?

Yes. Chlorine will kill just about anything. This makes a poorchoice of pesticide. For humans, even inhaling a small, nonlethalamount is extremely painful.

Does chlorine kill head lice?

I dunno, but I honesty wouldn't try! Chlorine from a swimming pool will not kill lice.They can shut down their respiratory system for over 10 hours. If you put chlorine on your childs hair it isn't safe!You are much better off to put conditioner and olive oil to the head to suffocate the live lice (MORE)

How does chlorine gas kill you?

Chlorine gas (Cl2) combines with water in your airways to form hydrochloric acid (HCl). HCl is a potent respiratory irritant and causes swelling of the airways. Death is by inability to diffuse oxygen through the swollen lung tissue into the blood.

Does chlorine kill fish?

Yes, chlorine can kill fish. Fish can swallow it.. Yes, chlorine can kill fish. Fish can swallow it.. Yes, chlorine can kill fish. Fish can swallow it.

Can chlorine kill people?

It probably could but i doubt it could happen unless you swallow vast ammounts of it at a time then i think you are vairly safe

How did chlorine gas kill?

It is extremely corrosive. Skin contact would create chemical burns and blisters that would then get infected and cause dehydration from weeping fluid. It is most toxic by inhalation where it causes fluid to accumulate int he lung and you drown in your own secretions.

How exactly does chlorine kill bacteria?

It lyses the cell membrane, destroying the structural integrity of the cell and allowing its contents to dissociate into the surrounding environment where they cease to communicate and function as a whole. It also just keeps ripping the bacteria until its gone

Why do plants need chlorine?

Chlorine: is involved in the regulation of movement of water and other solutes into and out of cells. Chlorine is essential for cell division in leaves and in the regulation of opening and closing stomata. It is also involved in photosynthetic transfer of oxygen and nitrogen metabolism. Symptoms of (MORE)

What are the effects of chlorine on plant growth?

Chlorine is a toxic substance and will obviously kill a plant. Drinking water does have chlorine in it, but not enough to kill a plant. Depending on the area, the ppm of tap water will differ. If you are watering a plant and want it to flourish, rain water is the best.

Will chlorine bleach kill a tree?

Yes!!... But that is a deadly toxic to the environment, it is a man made product, in fact nothing will ever be able to grow in that area for 10 to 25 years.

What does chlorine kill?

Because chlorine is a powerful oxidant, in high enough concentrations it can kill anything, including viruses. In solution, pH affects the disinfectant properties of chlorine, with different viruses responding differently at different pHs. Also affecting chlorine's disinfectant properties is the pre (MORE)

Will chlorine kill frog eggs?

Absolutely, frog eggs need to be in clean rain water, spring water, or distilled water, if you use tap water, it will kill them imediately

Does chlorine affects the growth of plants?

Chlorine does affect the growth of many plants. When you water the plant with it it will soak in quickly and probably die the next day. So I would recommend not using chlorine to water your plants

What does chlorine do to plants?

• Affects\nthe movement of water in a plant during photosynthesis. . \n\n • Plants\nabsorb it through soil. . \n\n • Too\nmuch chlorine can give plants brown leaves. . \n\n • Not\ngetting enough chlorine can make plants turn yellow and wilt. .

How does chlorine kill algae?

Chlorine kills bacteria and other single-celled algae by a chemical action called oxidation, which is sort of like burning by acid.

Does chlorine in a pool kill anything?

Well... if you were ODed with chlorine, you would die. The amount in a pool wouldn't harm you, but because bacteria and algae are 1000 times smaller than you, they can die easier. Yes, chlorine can kill.

Can chlorine kill swimmers?

yes chlorine can ufcource kill swimmers but only when it's concentrated at its high, such concentrated chlorine would never be added to the swimming pools, but yes concentrarted chlorine when added to the swimming pool can make the swimmers suffer with a vast variety of diseases

Can chlorine kill grass?

chlorine kills all living organisms (including germs),so this needs to be used in moderation but it will kill your grass

Would chlorine kill you when you brethed it in once?

It would have to be highly concentrated - above 1,000ppm. At these levels, a few deep breaths would be fatal. Generally, any levels above 30ppm will cause respiratory irritation and increasing symptoms. The poisoning occurs when the chlorine reacts with water within the body to form hydrochloric ac (MORE)

Does pool acid kill chlorine?

pool acid, also known as hydrochlorous acid, is actually a chlorinating agent, in addition to being an oxidizing agent. that is, it will *produce* some small amounts of aqueous chlorine, as opposed to eliminating it.

Does chlorine bleach kill alga bloom?

Chlorine bleach kills all microorganisms. It rapidly oxidizes thecell membrane and other biochemicals needed for their survival. Ofcourse a large enough quantity must be used.