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Why does eating ice cause stomach pain?

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Because it causes a rapid change in temperature in your stomach, which is interpreted as pain.
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Can stress cause stomach pain?

Yes, it can do. If it is causing you major problems I suggest speaking to the doctor about it. Severe stomach pain when stressed can be caused by conditions such as IBS (Irrit

Does ibuprofen cause stomach pain?

well i read in another website that it can cause pain after a long term use. for some it can cause bleeding. consult your doctor, to be extra sure. Yes it is known to cause st

What causes shooting stomach pain?

    What causes shooting stumach pain for most Ladies is them getting there period. Or it can have something to do with your apendix or you could have stretched a mus

Do sunflower seeds cause stomach pain?

Yes for me it does. Also i know someone that had and still has stomach pain from eating sunflower seeds. I am currently going to the doctor about it and i find that applying h

Can psychological stress cause stomach pain?

It depends on the type of stomach pain. For example "butterflies in the stomach" is caused psychologically. If you have an upset stomach and are under a lot of stress, your st

Can you get stomach pains from eating cooked spinach?

Some people are sensitive to certain foods, whether eaten cooked or raw. Sometimes taking Digestive/Digestion Enzymes can assist with the digestion of foods, but you won't kno

Do stomach pains cause fainting?

I wouldn't say so - maybe if it's an extreme case of stomache ache, though!

What causes pain in the lower stomach?

you are experiencing an erectile dysfunction go consult a doctor

Why do marshmallows cause stomach pain?

Most likely either due to the high content of sugar or gelatine  within the marshmallow. Many people find them difficult to digest  simply because of the pure work the stoma