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Why does eating ice cause stomach pain?

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Because it causes a rapid change in temperature in your stomach, which is interpreted as pain.
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Can eating green seedless grapes cause stomach pain?

I just had a few grapes for breakfast and nothing else. About a minute later I started having waves of pain in the middle of my stomach. It felt like my stomach was involuntar

What causes stomach pains in top of stomach?

If you eat too much food or swallowing food not properly chewed. Inother words indigestion.

What causes stomach pain after you eat?

When we eat, our stomach becomes sensitive. So if you move too much after eating (especially eating a lot), you will feel stomach pain. But it's not true that we can get appen
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What should you eat in stomach pain?

There are many possible reasons for having stomach pain, and you should not necessarily be eating anything - for example, if you are suffering from constipation, there is alre