Why does fuse number 63 keeping blowing on 2000 Ford Focus estate?

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The primary purpose of a fuse is to help protect a circuit from damage in the event of a short or overload. The fuse is protecting the wiring as well as the device. The primary reason a fuse fails, for at least a second there was a short circuit to ground that caused the fuse to blow. Always replace failed fuses with the proper amp fuse, not doing so can result in electrical system damage. Possibly you have too small a fuse installed. Always replace fuses with the manufactures recommended amperage. If the new fuse blows immediately you have a shorted circuit somewhere in that wiring system. The most common cause of a short tends to be when a piece of wire has a small exposed area that is bare. This piece of bare wire can often rub against metal and create issues for the electrical system because of the sudden surge in electrical current. While there can be numerous causes for a blown fuse, the majority of the causes of a blown fuse tend to be quite simple to repair. Once the failed wire is located the solution usually takes only a few moments to correct. Usually something as simple as repairing a bare wire. The other reason a fuse may blow is because the circuit is overloaded. This would happen if you have added accessories to the circuit. Of course a short in the device the fuse protects will cause a blown fuse.
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Central locking on a 2000 ford focus estate dosent work you only have the key you cant find the fuse number F63 A program you got off the Internet says it is behind the fuse relay box please help?

I have recently had the same problem. The 20 Amp fuse number 63 IS located behind the central fusebox. You have to drop the fuse box cover on the lower left side of the steeri

Where is fuse 63 on a 2000 Ford Focus?

Answer . \nFuse 63- central lock module - is located on the back of the passenger compartment fuse panel. You need to remove the panel to access the module and fuse.

Where is fuse number 63 on a 2000 Ford Focus SE?

It's "hidden" - mounted on the REVERSE side of the dashboard fuse panel which is located under the dash to the left of the steering column. You must unfasten the fuse panel an

Where are the fuses for 2000 Ford Focus?

if your car is like mine there are two panels. One under the drivers side just to the left of the steering wheel. You have to feel for an indentation in the dashbord. Also the

Why does a Fuse keeps blowing on ford escort?

You likely have a short or bare wire somewhere. Whatever the fuse is for trace the wires using a wiring diagram or have it checked at a shop. Sometimes you may have extra juic

Where is number 63 fuse on a Ford Focus?

It is on the fuse panel located under the dashboard on the drivers side - FUSE 63 is located on the BACK of the fuse panel (as you look at it). The panel must be un-fastened -

Why does my 2001 Ford Focus fuse 32 keep blowing out?

I suggest that you have a short circuit in the switch or in something that that switch controls. It should have a 10 Amp fuse. Before checking anything else - make sure that t

You keep blowing your brake light fuses in your ford focus?

Dead short in circuit? Remove stop light bulbs apply brakes and check to see if fuse continues to blow check the sockets for bare wires or defective sockets Check the stop
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Why does the engine management fuse keep blowing on my 2001 ford focus?

I had the same problem with my wife's 2000 Focus. The problem was a wiring harness laying against the steel heat tube for the EGR. Look between the battery box and the end of
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Why does my 2005 ford focus engine control fuse keep blowing?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circ
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Ford 2000 Focus Brake lights keep blowing fuse?

You have a wire with worn insulation or a bad light switch. Go to where the wire is connected to the tail lights. Check the connection between the wire and the tail lights. Ch
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Why would ford e150 Keep blowing fuse number 9 30 amp?

Answer 1 - Circuits That "KEEP" Blowing Fuses The following answer regarding repeadedly blowing fuses is a cut and paste of my answer to previous similar questions. The answ