Why does it hurt giving birth?

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It is extremely uncomfortable due to the fact is that even at our smallest size as infants, we are substantially large towards a vagina, like in the Cosby Show, they said "It's like pulling your lower lip to the back of your neck), and due to the fact that that area is extremely sensitive, it is sensitive to extremely severe pain, some people even die! That's why some people choose to sasarian (I most likely spelled it wrong) is when they cut the pregnant woman's stomach to literally pull out the baby through there instead of the natural way.
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Does giving birth hurt?

Yes.\n. \nPerception of pain is an individual thing. Some people have much higher pain tolerance than others. \n. \nBeing prepared and knowledgeable (taking classes, readi

How bad does it hurt to give birth?

it really hurts.when the baby comes out it stings.the most part when it hurts is when the head and shoulders come out.the arms,legs,tummy,and the toes come out it does not hur

How bad does giving birth hurt?

Birth hurts a lot....I actually just recently had a baby. It was naturally, and the baby weighed 8.2 pounds! I am only 13 1/2. Just in case your wondering ,this is how it happ

Does it hurt when dogs give birth?

yes they feel it but its bearable. small dogs can acutally die giving birth if the puppies are to big, common if the male breed is larger then the female breed.
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Does giving birth really hurt?

Yes, when you give birth it really hurts. Especially when you are giving birth to the babies head and shoulders. After the head is delivered the pain decreases quickly. Fo
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Does it hurts to give birth?

Yes, it does hurt a lot to give birth, but practically all moms feel that it was worth it to give birth and have their baby. Some women, however, use epidural anesthesia to re
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What does giving birth hurt?

When the baby is coming through the birth canal, your insides quiver and shake violently and your vagina is sorta torn from the baby comeing thriugh