Why does Marty Stuart wear neck scarves?

One of his former band members got drunk and went to get a tattoo. Marty went to talk the fella out of it. An altercation ensued and Marty was knocked out in the parking lot. His band member (former) dragged him into the tattoo parlor and had a large duroc pig tattooed onto Marty's throat. Both the band member and tattoo artist fled to Belize afterward and Marty was left with the decoration. He's worn the scarf ever since

The above is ridiculous. You can view a picture of him this month receiving his star on the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Walk of Fame and he is not wearing a scarf. Go to http://meridianstar.com/local/x279772519/Stuart-s-star-shines-on-MAEC-Walk-of-Fame
He loves wearing scarfs and rhinestone suits and having the best dressed band in country music!
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