Engine overheats when heat is turned on and cools when heater is turned off heater has hot air when on no coolant loss mechanic says cooling system is finewhy does it overheat?

Answer . Either the radiator is partially plugged and t he system has been designed marginally ( they do that to save money you know ! ) so that when the heater is turned o (MORE)

My 1998 air conditioner blows hot air on driver's side and cool or cold air on passenger - other times cool or vent on driver and cold on passenger - how do you fix this?

I had a similar problem. Looked up on line and someone posted: 1. Turn the car to "on" but don't start 2. Press the OFF button on the heater two times 3. Turn ignition (MORE)
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Why does the cool air go down to the other side of the mountain?

In relative terms cooler air will descend while warmer air will rise. Many times mountains form the border between two differing airmasses. This can be seen at the front ran (MORE)

What happens when air is heated or cooled?

when air(gas) is cooled(thermal energy is removed) its molecules slow down and it becomes a liquid(condensation) when air(gas) is heated(thermal energy is added) its molecule (MORE)
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I have two exactly the same thermos brand flasks. One loses heat quickly and iI have noticed the sides are warm whereas the other retains hot water and the sides are cool. Why the difference?

The one which is cooling rapidly must have had its vacuum penetrated. Allowing heat to pass through the air which now occupies the gap between the 2 insulating layers. If the (MORE)