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Why does the heating and cooling system put hot air on one side and cool on the other when it's on vent?

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Why would a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP blow heat from the driver's side vents and cool air from the passenger side when the air conditioning is on?

  Answer     the dual climate control valve is bad     Answer       This has happened to me in the past when the Freon was getting low. Shorty

Why do a 99 Olds Intrigue drivers side vent and driver side of the middle vent blow hot air when the air is on but the passenger side blows cold air even though both dials are set to cool?

I have heard a multitude of answers for this same problem which has plagued me now for almost two years. No solution has yet worked for me. Here is a laundry list from my mem

Why is a foul odor coming from the cool air return vent when the heat is turned on in the house?

  Answer   Can   Answer   Can any animals such as mice, chimpmunks, squirrels get into your chimney or any othe vent opening? Occasionally these things find a

You are in an apt welectric heat new to you as you have always had gas and the vent is blowing out cool air rather than heat what causes this It's COLD?

  Make sure the switch is clicked onto the heat side and that you have not selected recirculate. If that is not the case, then contact your apartment maintenance.

Hot air flows from passenger side vents and cool air from drivers side vents?

I had this problem with my 1998 Intrigue. It began when the starter died and the battery was disconnected. When I took it in for repair, the mechanic told me the actuator was

Why won't my Jeep Wrangler's heating and cooling system work properly if the AC makes the air cold and the heater makes it hot but the air will only come out of the windshield vents?

There are many aspects to the in cabin environment controls.   The fan on/off and speed controls, temperature controls, and where the air direction controls are separate.