Why does the late have a large surface area?

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whate late im in jr high
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Why do the lungs need a large surface area?

Oxygen must diffuse through the cell membranes of the alveoli in the lungs. This diffusion depends upon the concentration gradient between the air in the lungs and the dissolv

How large is the surface area of your lungs?

\nIn an average adult with healthy lungs we find approximately 300 million alveoli with a total surface area approaching 150 meters square, or the size of a tennis court. 70m2

Why do gills have a large surface area?

To acquire more oxygen from water as the large SA of the gills allow more water to pass through and thus more O2 from the water to transfer into the gill-bearing creature's bl

Why do the alveoli have a large surface area?

"Gas exchange is by diffusion from the gas contents in the lungs to the blood vessels in the pulmonary aveolus. The many indentations within the lung act to increase the surfa

Why do plants need to have a large surface area?

Plants get their chemical energy from a process know as photosynthesis. In order for this to work, plants need sunlight (ie they die if left in darkness) To maximize the amo
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How do lungs have such a large surface area?

Lungs have large interior surface area because they're not justbig bags. On the inside, they're full of a spongy network ofsmaller, smaller, and ever-smaller air passage-ways,