Why does the president need a budget adviser?

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Well the president needs a budget adviser because sometimes different amounts of money needs to go to different things. Sometimes its best to have someone say how much you can spend, and how much needs to go to different things.
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Which special group advises the president?

The Cabinet advises the President. There are 15 official members ofthe Cabinet that head federal agencies. They advise the Presidentbased on their field of expertise.

What is the presidents group of advisers called?

The presidents advisors are called his cabinet. They help him withhis decisions. They also head the various federal departments. The executive department heads appointed by th

Who advises president?

The president's cabinet is who advises the president. Each head ofthe separate departments are experts in that field and offer theirexpertise to the president.

Why do you need budgets?

In order for a business to maintain a profit, it is wise to place restrictions on how much an employee or division of the company can spend to achieve its goal. So they are pr

Who advises the president?

His cabinet of 15 give him advice about their area of expertise.The president has a Whitehouse staff who help him carry out hisduties and some of them no doubt help write spee
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Why does the president need many advisers?

The country is large and the President has many things to tend to. The US government now extends into almost every conceivable form of human activity and every phase of Americ
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What are the names of president Obama's advisers?

The president has a number of advisers, each with different specialties or areas of expertise. In his second term, many of his advisers are new, although his Senior Adviser i
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What can the president do to the budget?

The President proposes a budget, but Congress sets it and may notfollow his suggestions. He has some control on how quiicklyappropriations made by Congress are actually spent.
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Who advised the president on defense?

We can not answer your question because you have not specified thecountry of the president you are asking about. Many countries havepresidents. Please be specific if you want