Why does water go down the plughole a different way once you cross the equator?

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If you're looking to find out if the theory is true that it spins differently in the 2 hemispheres, it is true. In Uganda, right on the equator there was a demonstration of this gravity effect. They had a large funnel on each side of the line, about 20 ft away, and one right on the line. They poured water in, set a leaf on the water for visual aid, and stilled the water. When they released the hole in the bottom, the water spun opposite directions on the 2 sides. When they did the same test on the line itself, the water didn't spin at all. It dropped straight thru the hole. When the dish became just a tiny bit off center, the water began to spin. Only directly in the center of the equator did it not spin. Amazing!
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If you are on the equator would water go straight down the plug?

Although the principles of coriolis forces are well established, the forces involved in water going down the drain are so small that coriolis has less effect the the beating heart of the observer. So forget it--it's urban legend.. Er, the link below is to a demonstration on YouTube of the coriolis (MORE)

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Which way does water go down a drain?

Contrary to popular belief, the water is not affected by the motion of the Earth, or by which hemisphere the bowl is in. Water drains in a downward direction. How water goes down the plughole is determined by the state of the water when the plug is pulled, the construction of the bowl, and the sh (MORE)

What way does the water flow on the northern side of the equator?

If the meaning behind your question is "does the water go clock-wise or counter clock-wise down a sink or toilet" then the answer is, it depends on the design of the sink or toilet, try this yourself, fill a sink up, pull the plug, when the water is going down (say clock-wise) swirl you finger in th (MORE)

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Why does water only go one way down the plug hole?

People often believe that water goes clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on which hemisphere you are in due to the Coriolis force of the Earths spin. This isn't true. The direction water curls down the plug hole depends completely on whether the water is still or moving in a certain direction b (MORE)

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Which way does water go down drain in Australia?

It may go down in any direction - depending on how the water was spinning at first. If the faucet which you use to fill a container is ever so slightly inclined to the left or to the right, this will give the water a spin that will last for at least a day. Coriolis effects - effects due to the rotat (MORE)

Which way does the water go down the drain north of the equator?

Water drains clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on many factors, such as the shape of the drain and basin, the velocity vector of the injection water, etc. Unless the drain is very, very large, on the order of many miles, the effect of the difference in planetary rotational speed north or sout (MORE)

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Why does water go down the drain one way?

Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the latitude or the Coriolis effect. Toilets and sinks drain in the directions they do because of the way water is directed into them or pulled from them. The Coriolis effect is the reason why hurricanes rotate clockwise in the southern hemisph (MORE)

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Why the rotation direction of water in a sinks changed after crossing the equator?

The twisting effect of the Coriolis force is real and does influence certain large things like the movement of air masses, but the effect is so small that it plays no role in determining the direction in which water rotates as it exits from a draining sink or toilet. The Coriolis effect produces a m (MORE)

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Something stuck in the drain, the main drain has collasped or has tree roots growing into it or the vent in the roof has become plugged. A good plunging is the first step. Next, fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it in the bowl as fast as it will take it without overflowing. This may flush o (MORE)