Why does your gas fireplace make a ringing noise?

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The pressure may be too high or the orifices obstructed by ash.
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How does a telephone ring or make noise?

With standard landlines and the old style mechanical telephones, once the number is dialed the switch applies ringing generator of 90-100 vac at 20 Hz (Ring Voltage) and this causes the ringer in the phone to operate, or 'ring'. After the call is answered, or disconnected, the ringing voltage is rem (MORE)

Why would a home gas heater make noise?

could be set too high of temp, DANGER!. or a difuser tube on the inside that directs the inlet flow has rusted off and the water does not flow the right way inside anymore.. or other......?

How do you install a gas log fireplace?

Use fire proof frame and sheathing material, or use old fireplace. Hook up flue, if one is directed to on the installation instructions, some units require no flue. Hook up gas from 1/2 inch gas supply pipe, a gas shut off is usually already on the new unit. Hook up power if required. Any gas log th (MORE)

Gas fireplace to propane?

Hardware stores do not carry the parts to convert fireplaces. You MUST use the kit from the manufacturer of your fireplace or you put yourself at serious risk. If this fireplace is vent free it can not legally be converted, you have to replace the entire burner system.

Why does my2006 galant make a rattling noise when you step on the gas?

A possibility may be a loose catalytic converter shield, or loose muffler hanger or clamp. Usually a noise like this is caused by something that is loose and vibrating. These issues are usually not complicated or expensive to fix. If you're talking about the engine making rattling noises, the tim (MORE)

Can you burn firewood in a gas fireplace?

You need to have it inspected first by a licensed contractor or chimney sweep. In many cases the gas assembly was added to a wood burning fireplace, and if so, it's fine to go back to wood but the gas logs and piping must be removed first, and the chimney inspected to make sure it's clean and cle (MORE)

Why would your car make a noise when you step on the gas?

It could also possibly be the noise known as 'Pinking'! Pinking is the result of the fuel in the cylinder being ignited at the wrong time in the engine cycle and the expansion of the gasses created working against the piston during it's travel - producing a sort of noise that is similar to marble (MORE)

What is better a gas fireplace or a normal fireplace?

Normal Fire Place because you don't have to waste money to burn it! Would you like to pay 50.00 for gas or pay 0.00 for gas! . Irvs12 ** That is partially true. You can use a fireplace with a gas supply to burn natural gas under log looking fireplace decoration. That is expensive. You can also (MORE)

Why is your gas meter making a squeaking noise?

There can be many reasons why a gas meter is making a squeakingnoise. If the noise is accompanied by an odor of gas, you shouldcall the gas company right away. In many cases the noise is nothingto be concerned about, but it can be annoying. The gas company maybe able to change out your meter for a n (MORE)

Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace?

This question really can't be answered in a cut and dry fashion, because it truly depends on the specific fireplace, and chimny/stove pipe setup you're dealing with. It is possible that a gas fireplace could be, or could have been built that would allow for safe wood burning, but without knowing the (MORE)

How do you clean a gas fireplace?

The question is quite broad. As a home owner; you can clean the glass, the exterior and ensure no dust is around the the air inlets. A vacuum works quite well. Do not play with or remove the gas burner or valve. Vacuum the burners inlet and outlet. Spiders can reek havoc on fireplaces that havent b (MORE)

Can you mount a gas fireplace in a bookcase?

It depends on if it is a self-contained unit or not. For the most part, no, because the unit needs to have a certain amount of clearance between the four sides and its surroundings. Some have to be vented. You really need to check your owners manual to get the specifications. Edit : Look for "clea (MORE)

Why is your gas fireplace smoking?

A fireplace that is back drafting is reacting to a negativepressure being created inside the home by a clothes dryer or leakyfurnace supply duct, bath vent or laundry went, water heater orfurnace, all of these devices expel indoor air which under certaincircumstances will create a negative pressure (MORE)

How does gas fireplaces get the gas?

From the supply lines to install off your main gas line. If this is not done by a qualified person, you must have it inspected by your local codes.

What would make a grinding noise while im on the gas?

I just had that problem a mechanic will tell you its the alternator but its not its a part of the alternator called the TENSIONER BELT ASSEMBLY IT MAKES THE ALTERNATOR GRIND BECAUUSE ITS WORKING SO HARD TO TURN GET IT FIXED BEFORE U NEED A WHOLE ALTERNATOR PLUS THE TENSIONER N THE TENSION PULLEY

How do you replace gas fireplace switch?

This depends on the switch. A lot of older fireplaces have amillivolt valve with a toggle-switch sticking out. We usuallyremove the toggle switch and run the 2 wires that were connected tothe toggle to a remote receiver box. This way any simple remotetransmitter will act like an electrical toggle sw (MORE)

How do you convert a gas fireplace into a wood burning fireplace?

first off you need to turn off the gas then, cap the gas line then remove the gas line and the vent pipes up in the chimney, then remove the insert or gas log, then install damper doors, put on a suitable door to the fireplace, and put a basket in the fireplace to hold the wood The above paragrap (MORE)

What is a gas assist fireplace?

A woodburning fireplace with a gas burner. Load it with firewood, and light the gas burner to get it started, When burning well, turn off the gas.

Can a gas log fireplace be changed over to wood fireplace?

First off you need to turn off the gas and cap the gas line. Next, remove the gas line and the vent pipes up in the chimney. After that, remove the insert or gas log and install damper doors. Then, put on a suitable door to the fireplace. Finally, put a basket in the fireplace to hold the wood. (MORE)

How do you refill a gas fireplace?

They are usually supplied with natural gas from a supply line, and do not require refilling. If supplied from a compressed gas tank, you have that tank refilled or replaced.

How do you connect gas fireplace?

First off, you need experience in pipe-fitting. If you don't, call a plumbing company that does. The tasks you will need to perform are: . Shutting of the main gas supply and all appliances that use natural gas . Ensuring the atmosphere is free of natural gas . POINT A: Plotting out the rout (MORE)

What makes a grinding noise on a ford expedition when giving gas?

It could be a couple different things. Most obvious would be brakes. If a brake is sticking and worn you could be hearing a grinding noise as you accelerate. Second could be a driveline issue. Worn u-joints or something sticking in the transfercase (4X4) could also cause a grinding noise. Best advis (MORE)

What makes a rattle noise only when your driving and when you press the gas?

This be a wide range of things does it make the noise when the vehicle is in park and you rev up the engine ? It could be a heat shield on the exhaust system. it does not make the noise if it is just idling....but if you press the gas it makes a noise and when ur driving it makes noise. But I had (MORE)

How efficent are gas fireplaces?

They vary enormously, from as low as 25% for a background heat only (eg: 6.9Kw burend but only 2Kw out to the room). to 85% (or even 100% for a flueless fire (VERY expensive). Go to a showroom and read the brochures!

Can rocks be used in a gas fireplace?

Generally not a good idea- rocks may pop with quite some energy when exposed to heat of a gas flame. Ceramic artificial logs are made to withstand the heat.

What are gas fireplace inserts?

Gas fireplace inserts are used in place of traditional wood burning fireplaces. As the name suggests, it generates heat by burning gas. The inserts normally sit in a steel or cast-iron heat exchanger sealed with a glass door. Usually you control an insert with a remote, or a wall switch. Gas firepla (MORE)

Why are gas fireplace inserts needed?

Gas fireplace inserts are needed so that no one gets seriously hurt from the flames by accidently falling and getting burned and from keeping kids wondering to closely to an open flame.

How do you clean gas fireplace door?

If you are burning wood, wait until the fire is cold, dampen a cloth and dip it in the ash tray then used it to clean the glass. Don't do this if you are burning coal.

Where can gas fireplace logs be found?

There are two types of gas fireplace logs: vented and unvented. Both types can be found at fireplace and chimney stores, and at some hardware stores. Many gas log manufacturers offer gas fireplace logs for sale online.

How do you fix the ringing noises your disc brakes are making?

Check aligment of brake caliper Check trueness of rotor Clean any gunk off rotor brake surface Try another set of pads, there are different compounds available Make sure to bed new pads in properly Try another brand of rotor, preferably a heavier one Some brands/models are just prone to noise, part (MORE)

How does a gas fireplace blower work?

Gas fireplaces are designed to vent the heat and gas created in the persons firebox outside of their home. While a moderate amount of this heat is radiated into their home, most of the generated heat is lost through the venting process.