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Why does your pool's PH keep increasing?

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Gunite and plaster have a high demand for acid because of the lime in the cement. And or high calcium make up water.

Your pool will naturally increase in pH due to swimmer's waste, sweat, urine, etc...

Keep your pH at 7.6-7.8, not 7.2. 7.2 pH is base upon the Langelier Index which was used for local water companies, but there's a world of difference between pools and how the water company treats your tap water. Good index but bad application for pools.
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A pool's main drain has a plug in it at the bottom of the pool why is a plug in it to keep it from sucking properly?

Assuming that the pool in question is in-ground - The plug is a valve which allows underground water to enter the pool. The reason for the spring loaded valve to let water ent

As pCO2 increases does pH increase or decrease?

Decreases, because pCO2 is an acid (carbonic acid gas).   On the cellular level the CO2 diffuses into the red blood cell (from periferal tissue) and is in the combination w

Why does pH increase?

  pH doesnt increase anything. But a high pH reading indicates acidity while a low one indicates a base. A pH of about 6.5-7 is neutral (water).

Does pH increase as the concentration increases?

Yes. Ph is nothing but measuring the conc. of H+ ions. So if more H+ ions are added to a solution then yes pH should increase. If the solution has lots of OH- ions like a p

Why pH increases in pH meter?

If the base is added in the buffer, the pH of the buffer solution will increase, which can be monitored by pH meter