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Why does your tribal tattoo keep fading?

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Either you didn't take proper care of it after you had it done or the guy who gave it to you isn't a good tattoo artist. If you suspect the latter, you should go and get tested for tetanus, hepatitis, and so on.
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What can cause a tattoo to fade?

many things could be the cause of a fading tattoo, placement, such as, if the tattoo is located on the edge, or palm area of the hand, and or bottom and or lower edge of the f

Why does a tattoo fade so fast?

If a tattoo fades fast, generally it means the tattoo artist didnt apply the ink deep enough (epidermis layer or 2.2mm). It can also happen when not using good quality tattoo

How do you fade a new tattoo?

Answer   the sun fades it, so does tanning bed and clorine water. also if you dont take care of it, you have to treat it as an open wound.

How quickly do ear tattoos fade?

It depends. Do you mean a tatoo in your ear? My best friend and i got matching tattoos in our ear and my faded fast but hers didnt fade at all. I guess it depends on your skin

What can cause tattoos to fade?

  In most cases a lot of exposure to the sun with out putting sunblock will cause them to fade. Some times really low quality ink. so if you are going to be outside in the

What do tribal wings in a tattoo mean?

Wings are typically symbolise freedom. This can be freedom from many things. Independence from the norm, from a struggle in life that they've risen above, or they may just hav

Why is your new tattoo fading?

A tattoo always fades after it is drawn in. The pigments are injected into the skin. The body considers them invading bodies. The body then works to get rid of them, reduci