Why doesnt your dynex HDMI cable fit in the HDMI port on your television?

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All HDMI cables shoudl fit all HDMI sockets, but the mechanical size of the plugs jacket could be a problem if space is tight around the socket. Be aware that there are now mini versions of HDMI connectors (so-called type C). If your cable or connector are different sizes you can purchase type adapters.
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Can you record tv with only an HDMI cable?

In theory if your recording device has an HDMI input port, then it could because High Definition Media Interconect (HDMI) is a high speed digital link that carries both audio

Can you use HDMI cables for normal tv?

Almost all modern televisions have an HDMI port built in. It normally suggests that the television is HD ready but there are examples of televisions that will only handle SD s

Can you use standard cables with an HDMI TV?

Yes, believe it or not, you can use regular coax cable, s-video, etc to connect to your HD TV. Picture quality won't be so great but it will work. HDMI or component cables

Who have the best HDMI cable for your tv?

You can get some good cables but you can also pay a lot more money that you need to for a HDMI cable. Shopkeeprs will try to sell you a £50 cable when you only need a £1

Can I use HDMI cable for TV to TV connect?

Generally, televisions only have HDMI inputs. If there is an HDMI output, it may be possible to connect it to the input of another television although HDMI outputs from telev