Why don't fish freeze in lakes during winter?

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Fish go further down than the ice. The ice usually doesn't freeze all the way to the bottom. If the fish are trapped in shallow water or if the lake or stream freezes to the bottom, they will freeze.
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What property of water allows fish in a lake to survive winters freezing temperatures?

I think you are probably talking about the fact that frozen water (ice) is less dense than liquid water, so freezing temperatures will enable the ice to form on top of the wat

Why don't squirrels freeze in winter?

During the Winter, squirrels hibernate. By hibernating, the squirrels lower their heart rate and are immune to the cold. Before hibernation, they stock up on food for the Wint

Do fish in lakes freeze in the winter?

To answer this question, you have to account for many variables. Excluding morphology of the lake and generalizing behavior (as well as species of fish) it is possible for fis

Why do lakes not freeze in the winter?

Most lakes actually do. Larger lakes generally will not freeze over because of movement. The water doesn't quite get cold enough to actually freeze. It's the same principle

Why don't lakes freeze solid?

Ionic bonds in water, formed when the molecule gains another electron with the presence of a second Hydrogen atom, releases exothermic heat. This stops the lake from freezing
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Why don't fish in Antarctica freeze?

Antarctica is a continent. In Antarctic waters, which are liquid, the fish survive there because it's their natural habitat. When the sea ice freezes, the fish simply migrat

Does a whole lake freeze in winter?

The entire surface of a lake may certainly become frozen during the wintertime in some areas, but unless the lake in question is fairly small, it is unlikely for a lake to fre
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What are the special properties of water that enables fish to survive in lakes that freeze in the winter?

A2 . The whole of the lake volume does not freeze in winter. Due to the fact that ice expands when it freezes, and consequently floats. My old science teacher pointed out that

Why fish don't freeze in winter?

because the ice on top of the water has little atoms stick to each other and sir gets grapes in side between the atoms which makes ice flot on top of the water and that preven