Why don't objects pass through one another since atoms are mostly empty space?

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The electrical resistance between subatomic particles is far reaching from the atomic nucleus and electron cloud. Electrons are also moving very fast. The probability cloud that determines where the electrons could be, the orbitals and the nucleus itself, are still not solid objects. Keep in mind under are current scientific understanding, no particles are "solid", they are an electromagnetic force.
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Can sound pass through empty space?

Sound requires a solid, liquid or gas to carry the vibrations in waves. The air in the atmosphere is actually a collection of gases and so sound travels through what appears t

The atoms that constitute your body are mostly empty space and structure such as the chair youre sitting on are composed of atoms that are also mostly empty space So why dont you fall through?

I'm not sure...I would go with: the atoms in the chair are strong, so empty space is less important because of the weight distribution. Also, my guess would be that the empty

If atoms are mostly empty space why can't we walk through walls?

because they are so small and so close together that there is no humanly known way to manufacture objects small enough to pass through these extremely small spaces.. So the e

Why is an atom considered mostly empty space?

Experiments by Thomas Rutherford demonstrated that alpha particles traveled through a gold filament with only slight deflection except for the rare particle that got deflect t

Atoms contain mostly empty space?

That's quite true. I have seen the amount of space in an atom that's occupied by the nucleus compared to the amount of space in the state of Texas that's occupied by a bunch o
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What experiment demonstated that atoms are mostly empty space?

Rutherford's Experiment In this expt, Alpha particles (Double positive charged helium atom) were bombarded on a thin gold foil. Observation:- 1) Most of the rays passed