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Why don't Scottish men wear panties under the kilts?

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Wearing pants is entirely optional. It is traditional that Scottish military regiments wore no underwear beneath the kilt and were routinely inspected by walking over a glass panel under which an officer looked to see that each man complied. Other regiments used a mirror on the end of a stick to obtain the same result. These days, probably the majority of men, especially young men would wear pants but more traditional men, myself included "go commando". As a kilt, made of 16 or 18 oz woolen cloth is quite heavy, in winter the upper legs are quite warm, so no underwear is really necessary, while in summer, being well ventilated, likewise there is no need. Occasionally, there is a danger of exposing oneself, if poor posture is observed when sitting, or crouching, but most kilt wearers are well aware of the dangers and are safely covered at all times. Lachsloon
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Why do Scottish people wear kilts?

In the 19th century, Sir Walter Scott 're-invented' the kilt in its modern form and from that point on it began to be recognised as our National Dress (dress as in costume, no

Do men wear a bow on their penis under their kilts?

No, nothing is worn under a kilt, unless dancing, when swimmingtrunks or jockey shorts are permissible to prevent embarrassment(of the onlooker not the dancer, why should he b

When do scottish wear kilts?

the Scots wear the kilts 2 festivals and 2 battle. the Scots didn't wear the kilts 2 battle back in the early days. I hope that answered your question!!!!!!!

Are Scottish men naked under their kilts -?

Traditionally, it is said that if you are not naked under your  kilt, you are not a "True Scotsman." This Scottish lore was  established in the Scottish military, when kilts