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Why don't people search Google before asking questions on WikiAnswers?

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You have to remember that many people here do not understand how Search Engines like Google, and therefore cannot use such sites. If everyone used Google or sites like that instead of asking us, it would partially defeat the object of WikiAnswers.

The above is not entirely true, because there are certain answers that cannot be found by using a simple google search. However, most of the questions on WikiAnswers have terrible grammar and can just be googled. It's pretty sad.
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Why do people ask the same question more than once on WikiAnswers?

The "exact" same question cannot be asked, because the systemdoesn't allow duplicates. However, very similar questions sometimesget asked because the folks asking questions do

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Can you ask any question on WikiAnswers?

Any Question Yes, you can ask any question on WikiAnswers, with a few small exceptions. You can't ask anything illegal or that solicits something illegal, or anything obscene.

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Is it absolutely free of charge to ask questions and get answers on WikiAnswers?

Yes!Yes! Absolutely! Using this site is completely free of charge. All you have to do is sign up, and you're in! By the way, you just asked a question free of charge. And it

Why don't people pray for Juanita Bynum instead of asking all these questions about her?

  That's an easy one...Sir/Madam.   For years Pastors have called their congregation sheep. Telling us that we were blind and dumb like sheep. And how God saved us from

What is the most stupid question ever asked on WikiAnswers?

The stupidest questions asked are: 1. When I take my mouse of the table is stops working! Help! 2.When I flex a weird thing pops out of my arm. Is that normal? 3. My gir

Can you ask a question on WikiAnswers?

Of course you can. In fact, you did. Now just ask something that you want to know the answer to, and we'll try to help you out. :)

What are the most searched questions on Google?

I am going to give you the top five questions asked on Google starting with 'Who?, What?, When?, Why?, Whom?, Is?, and How?' okay? Who: 1. Who do you think you are? 2. W

Why don't people just ask Google these questions?

>>>Wikianswers provides a direct answers to a question. It does not direct you elsewhere for the answer. In addition many questions have been asked and answered. There is a go

Why don't people Google something or read a book before asking a question on here?

Because this is much easier for lazy people, although personally I think googling is easier. Wiki probably also has the attraction of non personal contact with people you don'

Why do people ask dumb questions on WikiAnswers?

Some askers are children who ask strange and silly questions. Perhaps teenagers or adults might think it's a dumb question when it's actually most likely an innocent child jus

Why don't people use Google to answer their questions?

People come here to WikiAnswers to get a question answered because  people get the human side of the answer on WikiAnswers, and it gets  improved over time. By using Google,