Why don't the duggars eat pork?

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They haven't said other than religious reasons but they seem to follow a few old testament laws for some reason. The OT prohibits the consumption of pork, an unclean animal.
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Why don't Jews eat pork?

The meat from pigs is not to be eaten by Jews, under therequirements of the Torah. It is listed as one of the unkosher animals. The reason for this is that the Torahspecifies that animals to be eaten by Israelites must chew theircud and have split hooves. Pigs don't chew their cud, so thereforethey (MORE)

How do you eat pork?

put your fork in it then put it in your mouth and chew up and down swallow then wash it down with sprite or any soda,juice,or water.but pork is bad for you

Do Catholic Jews eat pork?

Yes, Jews who have converted to Catholicism or to other Christian churches do eat pork; they no longer consider themselves to be under the law.

Do Indians eat pork?

LOGICALLY, since India is a country and not a religion then it's possible that the "rules" are not the same for everyone. I'm sure that some Indians are vegetarian, some eat beef, some eat pork, and contrarily some cannot. Just like in America, France, England, Poland, Sudan, etc. the rules aren't t (MORE)

Should you eat pork?

no it is not good to eat pork cause sometimes the pig eats on it own body.in the bible its says do not eat pigs,rabbits,camels cause they are uncleaned animales. no it is not good to eat pork cause sometimes the pig eats on it own body.in the bible its says do not eat pigs,rabbits,camels cause they (MORE)

Why don't people eat pork?

Pork is not considered to be a meat good to eat more than a coupleof times a week. Limiting pork in a diet can result in overallbetter health. Some cultures and religions do not eat pork becauseit is considered an unclean meat.

Can you eat pork when it is still pink?

Can you eat pork that's pink if the juices run clear Realistically, most pork produced in the US is free of parasites.The warning to cook pork thoroughly isn't bad advice. Where swineare able to eat rat carcasses, there is the potential for the meatto be contaminated with trichinosis worms. If the (MORE)

What religion doesnt eat pork?

Islam and Judaism per Allah (God in English) command. Refer to question below for more information on why Muslims and Jews don't eat pork.

Why can christians eat pork?

Non-vegetarian Christians can eat pork because the are not subject to kosher guidelines. Answer: Christians eat pork because they follow the traditions of their culture over the commandments of God. This is nothing new. Jesus took on the religious leaders of His day for the same thing (Matthew (MORE)

Why don't they eat pork?

Perhaps you mean the Muslims. They don't eat pork because AlmightyAllah has forbidden them to eat pork.

Why eat chicken when you can eat pork?

well you see Muslims don't eat pork because they think that its too dirty. chickens are nice but pork is against god`s religon. i heard that he said it. he said do not eat the pork. i know pork is nice to you and all, but its against god. i don't eat pork.

Why don't Hebrews eat pork?

Some Jews do eat pork. Those who choose to avoid it typically do so in observance of the "kosher" laws, whose origin appears explicitly in the text of the Torah (Bible).

What don't Jewish people eat besides pork?

Jewish people do not eat meat and dairy together, so they wouldn't eat something like a cheeseburger. They do not eat shellfish also.they wont eat of a plate that red meat has been on.they are only aloud to eat grapes unless thay have 1 special acasion i dont no the name of _________ There is (MORE)

Why don't black people eat pork?

There is no relation between one's color and eating pork. It is a matter of religious requirements. . If black people are Muslims or Jews than they don't eat pork per their religion's requirements. If they are neither Muslims nor Jewish, then it is up to them whether to eat pork or not to eat it. (MORE)

If you don't eat pork what are you?

\nThat depends on why you don't eat pork. If it is for religious reasons, you might be a Jew or a Muslim. If you don't eat pork because you don't eat meat, you are a vegetarian.

Why don't Jews east pork?

The Torah specified that in order for a land animal to be considered fit for eating, it must both chew its cud and have split hooves. Although pigs have split hooves, they don't chew their cud. In truth, although pork is one of the best known types of meat that religiously observant Jews won't ea (MORE)

Why don't Jews and Muslims eat pork?

1. Pork prohibited in Qur'an The Qur'an prohibits the consumption of pork in no less than 4 different places. It is prohibited in 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115. "Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Alla (MORE)

Why Can You Not Eat Pork?

This Is The Reason !!!!. You Can Not Eat Pork Because It Can Be Catois Because It Can Also Be Contations To It Too!!!!

Why paki's don't at pork?

The majority of Pakistanis are Muslim (around 97%, or 173 million people - there are also Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, Bahai and Jews). According to the Islamic holy book, the Koran (Sura 2, Ayat 173, Al-Baqara - "The Cow"): " He has forbidden you only the Maitah (dead animals), and (MORE)

Why do not Islam eat pork?

Muslims have a prohibition against eating an animal with a clovenhoof that does not chew cud - which describes a pig. Jews (andearly Christians) have the same prohibition. The basis of thereasoning might be lost, but could have been because of healthconcerns due to a hog's diet and habits.

Why is it bad to eat pork?

Because if you do not cook pork to 170 degrees F all the way through, you could contract a disease called Trichinosis. This involves little worm eggs to get into your muscles and hatch. It is an extremely painful disease. Poolry cooked pork has other health hazards, as well.

Why don't Arabs eat pork?

Eating pork is forbidden in Islam, so all Muslims must not eat it including Muslim Arabs. It's an explicit prohibition in the Holy Qur'an. Pork is not allowed for Muslims to eat, per Religion command, whether they are Arabs or not Arabs. Refer to question below for more information. It is imp (MORE)

Can dogs eat pork liver?

Although organ meats are good for dogs, they are also very rich. Organ meats should only make up about 10% of her diet. Feeding organ meats every other day as a meal is too much. It is very rich so do not give her too much at once or she may have a reaction and you will have a mess to clean up. Ask (MORE)

Why does Judaism prohibit eating of pork?

The Torah describes the criteria which distinguish the animals, fish, and birds that are acceptable to be eaten by Jews, from those that aren't, along with several examples of each. Foods prohibited to Jews include shellfish, vulture, pig, and grasshopper, among others. The reason stated in the To (MORE)

Can poodle eat pork meat?

no...I had to take mine to the vet for bleeding and pork was to blame because he couldn't digest it.

Can shih tzus eat pork?

Yes Shih Tzus can. Actually it's quite good for them. The protein in pork is good, but might cause diarrhea. I recommend this breed to anyone.

Are Sikhs allowed to eat pork?

eating any meat isn't actually allowed in Sikhism. (I'm actually Sikh and vegetarian) it depends how strict you are though really .. :D

Does Jews eat pork?

Pork is just one of countless types of meat that religiously observant Jews do not eat.

Is it ok to eat raw pork?

you cannot eat raw pork. anyone will get salminila and die. or get trichinosis. do not eat raw pork. and always wash your hands after touching it before touching anything else.

Why don't the Duggars swim?

They do. Just like everyone else. They get in the water and paddle. The Duggars order their swimsuits from Wholesome Wear (a link to the site is under Related Links .) .

Why don't non-muslim black people eat pork?

Non Muslim black people may not eat pork for being Jewish or due to some local traditions and practices. It is to be notified that Islam religion is against racism and discrimination based on color, race, culture, or any other kind of discrimination. The Nation of Islam organization and their follow (MORE)

Why religions don't allow to eat beef ang pork?

Hindus believe that cows are sacred animals, so they don't desire to eat beef, it's just not part of their culture. Jews don't eat pork because in the Old Testament God says that he doesn't want us to eat swine because they are filthy animals. with the death and resurrection of Christ, many traditio (MORE)

Why don't Islam and Jews eat pork?

cos they are dry lunch God created this world and set down some rules. Instructions in the Torah, Bible and Quran said not to consume flesh of swine - pork. Jews and Muslims therefore do not eat pork, but the Christians however continue to eat pork

Why don't non Muslim black people eat pork?

As with any race of people, if someone doesn't eat pork, it is just their personal preference. Just as in the Jewish faith where the pig is seen as unclean or not Kosher, some non-Jews of all races have also adopted that philosophy.

Why don't Mormoms eat pork on Friday?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) have no religious restrictions against eating pork, and have no restrictions about eating certain things on certain days. The Mormon code of health (the "Word of Wisdom") prohibits the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, t (MORE)

Why don't Muslims eat pork or celebrate Christmas?

Because Christians don't celebrate Eid. __________________________________________ Pork: Muslims do not eat pork because it is explicit in fourdifferent parts of the Qur'an that pig-meat is not permitted. Christmas: Christmas is a uniquely Christian holiday. Jews,Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and p (MORE)