Why fish don't freeze in winter?

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because the ice on top of the water has little atoms stick to each other and sir gets grapes in side between the atoms which makes ice flot on top of the water and that prevents the water from freezing and also the water below is moving in rivers and oceans
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Why don't fish freeze in lakes during winter?

Fish go further down than the ice. The ice usually doesn't freezeall the way to the bottom. If the fish are trapped in shallow wateror if the lake or stream freezes to the bot

Why don't bird's legs freeze in the winter?

Birds actually use several tricks to keep their legs from freezing. First they can stand on one leg and pull the other up under their feathers when one leg starts getting too

Why don't birds freeze in the winter?

They have feathers to keep them warm and their nests aresurprisingly warm some birds even migrate to warmer countries forthe winter

Why don't squirrels freeze in winter?

During the Winter, squirrels hibernate. By hibernating, the squirrels lower their heart rate and are immune to the cold. Before hibernation, they stock up on food for the Wint

Do fish in lakes freeze in the winter?

To answer this question, you have to account for many variables. Excluding morphology of the lake and generalizing behavior (as well as species of fish) it is possible for fis

Why don't oceans freeze over in the Winter?

The oceans are saline or salt water. This affects the temperature at which they freeze. Plain water freezes at about 0°C at sea level, but saline, at the concentrations nor

Why don't dogs noses freeze in the winter?

A dogs nose does not freeze in the winter because it contains ablood flow. It may not also freeze because there is warm air thatgoes in and out of it at all times.

Why don't rivers freeze in the winter?

Rivers don't freeze in the winter because the water keeps moving and doesn't freeze.

How do fish survive the winter in the polar regions without freezing?

I was learning in my science class in grade 8 that the bottom of the sea bed is warm while the top of the ocean is freezing cold. You could still die if you go to the bottom o
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Why don't fish in Antarctica freeze?

Antarctica is a continent. In Antarctic waters, which are liquid, the fish survive there because it's their natural habitat. When the sea ice freezes, the fish simply migrat

Why don't squirrel's feet freeze in winter?

While squirrels may sleep in a protected area such as a hole in a tree, I'm not aware that they hibernate. I live in Northern MN and we have had overnight temps in the -23 to
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Why don't deer freeze to death in winter?

White-tailed deer adjust their metabolic rate, home range, and foodsupply in the winter. During the longer summer days, deer have ahigher metabolic rate to take advantage of h