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Why fourier transform is used in digital communication why not laplace or z transform?

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What is the use of the Laplace transform in industries?

The use of the Laplace transform in industry: The Laplace transform is one of the most important equations in digital signal processing and electronics. The other major tech

What is the difference between a Fourier transform and a Laplace transform?

Laplace = analogue signal Fourier = digital signal Notes on comparisons between Fourier and Laplace transforms: The Laplace transform of a function is just like the Fourier tr

What is the difference between the fourier laplace transform?

They are similar. In many problems, both methods can be used. You can view Fourier transform is the Laplace transform on the circle, that is |z|=1. When you do Fourier transfo

Difference between fourier transform and z-transform?

Laplace Transforms are used primarily in continuous signal studies, more  so in realizing the analog circuit equivalent and is widely used in the  study of transient behav

Why do you use laplace transform?

The most generalized reason would be:   "To solve initial-valued differential equations of the 2nd (or higher) order." Laplace is a little powerful for 1st order, but it

Difference between laplace transform and z transform?

the difference is the "S" and "Z" parameters. S used for analog computation while Z for digital processing. basically Z is the digital approximation of the analog frequenc

What is relation between laplace transform and fourier transform?

The Laplace transform is related to the Fourier transform, but whereas the Fourier transform expresses a function or signal as a series of modes ofvibration (frequencies), the

What is the difference between Fourier transform and Laplace transform and z transform?

Fourier transform and Laplace transform are similar. Laplace transforms map a function to a new function on the complex plane, while Fourier maps a function to a new function

Why is fourier transform used in communication system?

The Fourier transform allows you to convert between time domain and frequency domain and back. Certain manipulations, such as filters, are easier to implement in the frequency

How are Laplace transforms useful?

Some differential equations can become a simple algebra problem. Take the Laplace transforms, then just rearrange to isolate the transformed function, then look up the reverse