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Why generally brothers are usually least concerned with sisters while sisters always show love and care towards brothers and expect same from him but mostly end up getting hurt?

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Girls usually are more keen to show their emotions and to show their love and care for a sibling, a friend, a family member et cetera et cetera. Boys are not that way. They usually keep their feelings to themselves. So the fact that the brother doesn't show much concern or care for the sister he still may love and care for her. Does that make sense? Boys just don't show that they care. It's nothing to take offensively. It's just a fact.
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When you feel that your parents show more love and concern for a younger or an older brother or sister?

Answer . Its called middle child syndrome. I was one and always felt when growing up that my siblings got better breaks than me, Not true. Its all in perception Your olde

Brother hurting sister?

yeah that does happen alot. brothers tease their sister or tell them what to do. it gets tiring after awhile when they are all grown up.

Why my older brother hate me ignore me least concerned about me and doesn't care about me for no reason and he is not even little bit protective of his little sister like usually older brothers do?

Mines does that too Okay say if i die he will cry but when he is around his friends he'll always ignore mii but when wii homee hee talkss too mii andd playss withh mii maybe y

Why brothers dilute their love for their siblings after marriage while sisters always remain close and loyal to her siblings and will always love and support them even after getting married?

Because females are more comforting, loyal, honest and faithful than males. Males tend to get distracted by their social or working life very easily but females have the abili

Why most brothers are apathetic towards sister even though sister will always be concerned about brothers?

Brothers are not apathetic to sisters they simple can not allow their weaker sibling to see them vulnerable as a subconscious desire to make them feel assured that their broth

How do you show your love to your brother and sister?

Spend time with them; if you have a younger sibling, realize thefact that they look up to you in every situation so try and be moreresponsible around them. DO NOT fight with t

Why majority of brothers are apathetic towards their sisters especially once they find partner but they will never be apathetic for their brothers while sisters always care for brothers?

older brother act like that becuz either they are not good brothers. also due to the fact they only care what is going on in theor lives rite noe. but it could also mean they

Why most adult brothers are apathetic towards sisters and her kids while most sisters always care for brothers and his kids at any age?

It has always been up to the women in a family to plan social evenings so it would up to your brother's wife to make an effort to include you and your family into a social fun

Why in general brothers change after marriage and don't care about their families while sisters always care about their siblings and families even after getting married and having kids?

I haven't taken a psych class or anything, but I think it has to do with western influence on gender roles. Women tend to be more nurturing: even though they leave the family,