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Why gold foil is used in Rutherford experiment?

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1. It is used because gold was known to be a very inert element. 2. The use of gold had nothing to do with its reactivity, any more than the experiment had any connection to chemistry. Rutherford wanted to fire alpha particles through the foil. Alpha particles are not very penetrating; a sheet of notepaper will stop most of them. To achieve a reasonable percentage of penetration the foil needed to be really thin. Gold is highly malleable; gold leaf can be made in thicknesses around 100 nm or 4 micro-inch. It was the best material for the job.
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Is there a diagram showing the gold-foil experiment of Earnest Rutherford?

  A diagram of the Geiger-Marsden (aka gold foil) experiment? Why yes, there is. A link is provided to a simple diagram.   It should be mentioned that the "scintillatio

What did rutherfords experiment with gold foil establish?

He established that atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons.        Well sir, i was just wondering the same thing. I have to do a worksheet and answer it, no

How do we use Rutherford's gold foil experiment today?

The Rutherford gold foil experiment is also known as the  Geiger-Marsden experiments. In them, alpha particle scattering was  measured, and showed how a large focus was foun

What did Rutherfords gold foil experiment tell scientists about atomic structure?

Yes , Rutherford's gold foil experiment was about the atomic structure. He bombarded 8000 alpha particles on the gold foil and the source of alpha particle was POLONIUM (an el

What type of radiation is used in gold foil experiments?

Alpha radiation :) The point is that Alpha radiation doesn't pass through gold foil. Therefore there was an obvious issue when they were detecting particles passing through th

What is the Rutherford gold foil experiment?

In 1911, Ernest Rutherford conducted an experiment that proved that the mass of an atom is concentrated in the center (nucleus) of an atom. It also proved that an atom is most

How would this experiment change if Rutherford had used aluminum foil instead of gold foil?

The scattering angles would have changed, but the qualitative results would also change: the reason Rutherford chose gold was because it is EXTREMELY malleable. One can stretc

How did Rutherfords gold foil experiment show that atoms have a very dense necleus at there center?

Rutherford's results indicated that most of the alpha particles  went   right through the gold atoms without being affected. He had  expected   this, because he knew
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How did ernest Rutherford interpret the gold foil experiment?

Before Ernest Rutherford's landmark experiment with a few pieces of metal foil and alpha particles, the structure of the atom was thought to correspond with the plum pudding m

How did Rutherford explain the results of his gold foil experiment?

Rutherford made the following conclusions:    Since most of the alpha particles passed straight through the  gold foil without any deflection, most of the space within t