Why invade Denmark?

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If we are talking WWII then the motive was to use airfields in Northen Denmark as a stepping stone for the invasion of Norway (which in turn was invaded to control the Northern Atlantic)
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Why did Germany invade Denmark?

Denmark was invaded mainly because it provided an excellent staging ground for Invasion of Norway airbases and the use of Norway's Fjords allowed the following: 9million to

How did Germany invade Denmark?

Blitzkrieg. A German manner of unleashing all the guns. 1, air bombing 2, rolled in with tanks 3, foot soldiers Denmark was so confused and frightened that the Nazis didn't ha

Why did Hitler invade Denmark?

I belive Hitler invaded denmark because he thought all Jews were bad and deserved to be killed and hurt-plus in denmark there were a lot of Jews.

How did the Germans invade Denmark?

On April 9, 1940, Germany invaded Denmark, but it did not treat this country as badly as it had other invaded countries. There were several reasons for this less severe treatm

Why did Germany invade Denmark and Norway?

Primarily, so that Germany could continue to receive Swedish Iron Ore deliveries by way of the coastal shipping near Norwegian waters. More info below: The Invasion

Hitler Invades Denmark and Norway?

Adolf Hitler's decision to invade Denmark and Norway, whom claimed neutrality before the invasion, was based on various reasons. The main reason for the invasion of Norway, Hi

Did Norway invade Denmark?

most likely in the past but it is very difficult to tell because of different empires controlling different areas of Europe Norway might have invaded Denmark but the fall of t