Why is 'Why did the chicken cross the road' a joke?

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Jokes are valued for the exciting little sense of shock, the new twist to your viewpoint, that comes with the answer. That is what makes us laugh. Or groan!

A person asks you, 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' Of course you assume it is a joke.
You try to think of a clever, complicated answer.
Then the answer is given, "To get to the other side."

Well, duh. Anyone should know that.

You have been tricked into discarding the obvious answer and pursuing complex and convoluted solutions because you assumed that was what was expected.

This joke is especially valued in our contemporary oral heritage because it teaches a lesson that applies to business, politics, and all human endeavors: "Keep it simple. Don't assume a complicated solution is needed for every problem. The obvious one may work just fine."

The joke is also a joke because it can connect with practically anything. For example, you can say a person or shop on the other side and what man is doing or what shop is selling. It could change the answer but some are just weird. In this case, the joke is re-usable and simple to change.
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Who invented the why did the chicken cross the road joke?

The exact origin of the riddle is obscure. Its first known appearance in print occurred in 1847 in The Knickerbocker , a New York monthly magazine: An 1847 version of the

Why did the chicken cross the road theroretically?

1. maybe it had sexual attractions to another chicken on the other side of the road 2. if you ask this you will be downsized publicly for racism. 3. the magnetic force that ma

How did the chicken cross the road joke originate?

you know how people always say how did the chicken cross the road weel that's because in around 1930s in Texas it was market day and a man was selling chickens he had just sol
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What does the joke Why did the Chicken or hen cross the road mean?

Explaining a joke kind of takes a lot of the funny out of it, but here goes. The standard form of the joke is "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side."
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Why is the why did the chicken cross the road joke funny?

The joke itself is not really funny at all. It's the result of the joke that is funny. People who have not heard the joke will become victimized by their own intelligence. The
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Who thought of the joke why did the chicken cross the road?

i believe it was a chicken one day that was crossing the road and decided to make jokes about himself. he shared them with his fellow chicks and they were in giggles, one of t