Why is Africa so poor despite having large amounts of natural resources?

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In Africa
This is a very complex and misunderstood topic. Before answering, it is important to note that "Africa" is not a political or economic entity, and therefore addressing this issue must be done on a nation-by-nation basis. In fact, some African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, and to some extent Morocco and Egypt have relatively high standards of living. The question is also posed poorly, as Africa as a whole does not contain an even spread of gold and diamond resources, and often nations have additional resources or less (such as oil in Nigeria but desert in Chad).

Effects on most African nations' wealth include, among other things, (1) residual effects of colonialism, (2) current exploitation of poor nations by wealthy nations, (3) a pervading lack of strong political institutions to manage the economy, and (4) Western ignorance in their interventionist strategies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

Colonialism forced African peoples into regimented and incredibly foreign manners of government. Warring tribes were often "placed" in the same nation while other tribes were split by these artificial boundaries. Also, colonizers placed certain tribes in positions of power which has caused uprisings in areas such as Rwanda.

Pertaining to the question about natural resources, these are often extracted by wealthy nations, who take the wealth from those resources back to their already wealthy countries. This has been the case in oil-rich Nigeria and diamond-rich South Africa. Wealthy nations also often trade extraction rights for vast amounts of extorted "dirty money".

Historically, the world has not seen a well-developed economy without a corresponding strong government. In contrast to a Western-style political institution of checks and balances, traditionally African tribes were not organized in such a way. Many argue that in addition to easy access to education, healthcare, and natural resources, a strong government that can balance its own power by virtue of the bureaucratic structure of itself is essential.

Lastly, the IMF, World Bank, and other international aid organizations have created massive problems by failing to understand the social and political contexts of the African countries within which they work. They lend money to nations, henceforth focusing on repayment of the loan, rather than the efficacious use of that loan. They require structural changes in the government that detrimentally weaken the local and federal governments. Furthermore, aid organizations normally focus on distributing birth control and food, which benevolently helps the people, but it ameliorates the symptoms without tackling the sickness, such as establishing and funding schools or citizen advocate groups.

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What is the richest country in Africa in terms of natural resources?

the best Answer NIGERIA is the richest in terms of natural resources because they have the tenth oil reserve in the world. The Niger delta is full with oil and natural gas. nigeria also export things like Petroleum, tin, columbite, iron ore, coal, limestone, lead, zinc, natural gas.

Why is Africa so poor?

In order to understand why Africa is so poor today, one must know it was King Leopold the 2nd of Belgium who played one of the largest roles in initiating the colonization of Africa. He began the exploitation of the rubber and ivory reserves in the Congo while suppressing the native Congolese popu (MORE)

What are the natural resources of Africa?

Most of the natural resources in Africa include gold, platinum, cobalt, chromium, oil, water, wood, and diamonds. . you never know if this information is correct so i think its best to go to another website for correct info b.c. people are able to alter answers on this website so rely on a textbo (MORE)

What are the natural resources in South Africa?

"Mostly mining, agriculture, timber, and biodiversity!" was the original answer. The correct answer is under this: The natural resources of South Africa are: gold, chromium, antimony, coal, iron ore, manganese, nickel, phosphates, tin, uranium, gem diamonds, platinum, copper, vanadium, salt, and n (MORE)

What are the natural resources of South Africa?

The First natrual resource sadly were the slaves. More than 11 MILLION slaves were brought from Africa to Europe then to the Newly formed United States in the early 1700's and late 1700's.The Natural resources were MAINLY diamonds in the18th century(and even present time, 2011). In 1884 and 1885 the (MORE)

What are the four natural resources in Africa?

There are many natural resources in Africa, including coal,petroleum, gold platinum, cocoa beans, and diamonds. Africa is alsoabundant in many other ores or minerals like iron ore, copper, andbauxite.

What are some natural resources in Africa?

Natural resources form the basis of the economies of most African countries. Of primary importance are agricultural products and mineral resources. These resources are used for subsistence-food to eat-and for commercial purposes-to sell locally or as exports. . Gold . Manganese . Bauxite h (MORE)

Why are natural resources so important?

Natural resources are the raw materials that are needed to live.They are raw materials for everything that is in the world today.Without natural resources, humans would not have a place to live,water to drink, or food.

What natural resources are found in South Africa?

The natural resources found in South Africa include, but are not limited to, diamonds, gold, chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium, vermiculite, ilmenite, pladium, rutile, zirconium, grapes, citrus fruit, nectarines, and sugar.

Africa natural resources?

Some of the natural resources of Africa include diamonds, oil, andpetroleum. The country is also rich in cocoa beans and tropicalfruits.

Why are to people in Africa so poor?

The reason why is because the president and minsters take our money.Africa is an ok country but the presidents and minsters are eating our money so that's why we are poor

How come Africa is so poor?

The main reason that Africa is so poor is that it had to start all over. To explain; 17 Century-19 Century Europe wanted African Slaves and, Africans where willing to trade. Although Africans and Arabs did trade slaves, they saw slaves as human beings and gave them rights. On the other hand, ignor (MORE)

How did Africa become so poor?

Answer 1 it by losing business and people getting homeless that how Africago so poor because of their country was not that strong to holdanything back from what they had _________________________ Answer 2 Most of Africa was colonized by western and European countries.They used Africa as a pla (MORE)

What happend to Africa to make it so poor?

Africa hasn't got the valuable resources like Russia for example, with its rich supplies of oil. It's mainly a desert, a war zone, so not good for the farming industry or good tourism. When no crops are grown, there is a major lack of food. Then people are starving, plus the dirty water makes many (MORE)

Why is Africa countrys are so poor?

For one, Africa doesn't have country's in it, it has county's , and also not all of Africa is as poor as we make it out to be. But most of the counties are poor because they are closer to the sun so they cant grow much food as there is hardly any rain ever. So they thinned and they cant eat much ap (MORE)

Does Africa have any natural resources?

The Black Continent of Africa is richly endowed with alot of natural resources. Some of the natural resources and their areas of location includes; gold (Ghana), petroleum (nigeria), diamond (sierra Leone), tin and columbite (nigeria), iron ore (Liberia), copper (mauritania), phosphates (senegal), m (MORE)

Why is Africa so rich in mineral and energy resources but the people are so poor?

Because the greedy Euro- American population take their businesses into Africa and rip off the poele just as they do in China. As everything is "made in China", because they cheat people making them work 14hrs plus a day for low wages. Tey do the same in Africa. All these foreign businesses is teari (MORE)

Natural resources in Africa?

Fresh Water Fish Sheep Cows Gold Timber Bauxite Mangese Rubber Petroliem Salt Limestone Iron Oil Cobalt Tropical Fruits Vegetables

What natural resources does west Africa have?

Some of the natural resources that west Africa has are: Gold, platinum, cobalt, chromium, oil, water, wood and diamond. -Hope that helped! 6L1 girl Mark Twain IS239 (\__/) (='.'=) (")_(") .

How can South Africa save Natural Resources?

we can save natural resources by using less of these resources as they run out and as we know most of them are non-renewable which means that once this resource is finsihed there will be no more of it on earth like animals becoming exstinct so as we do use alot of our natural resources we do know th (MORE)

Why is South Africa so poor with so many riches?

For many years through out the ANC's so called "struggle" the exiled leaders gained huge financially support from sympathetic governments and organisations. The exiled ANC leaders of the time knew that if the general African public got educated and formed their own political parties, they would be o (MORE)

Is Africa a poor land with few resources?

No - bits of it are extremely poor with few resources but huge areas are fertile with great natural and mineral resources including oil and gas in West Africa - Nigeria alone exports well over 2 million barrels of oil a day - coal in southern africa, gold, diamonds and metals. Africa is huge and the (MORE)

Why is Africa not able to advantage of it's abundant natural resources?

Many African countries are not capable of taking advantage of their natural resources due to a lack of intellectual and capital resources. As technology in the field develops, the exploitation of natural resources becomes more and more capital intensive, meaning, to remain competitive, businesses mu (MORE)