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Why is Connecticut call the nutmeg state?

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Why Conn. is called "The Nutmeg State" Connecticut's official nickname, adopted in 1959, is "The Constitution State," based on its colonial constitution of 1638-39.

Unofficially (but popularly) Connecticut is also known as "The Nutmeg State".

The nutmeg connection to Connecticut may come from its sailors returning from voyages with nutmeg (which in the 18th and 19th centuries was a very valuable spice in New England). It is also said to come from Connecticut Yankee peddlers who would sell small carved nobs of wood shaped to look like nutmeg to the local Native Americans and other unsuspecting customers.

Since my family settled the town today known as Cheshire in the mid-1600s, I know whereof I speak.

Walter Brooks, Editor, http://CapeCodTODAY.com
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